Nova Healthcare links up with KLSMC in sports medicine

Wednesday, Oct 26, 2022 15:47

The agreement signing ceremony between Nova Healthcare and Kuala Lumpur Sports Medicine Centre (KLSMC) in HCM City on Monday. — Photo courtesy of Nova Healthcare

Nova Healthcare, a member of Nova Service, on Monday signed an agreement with Kuala Lumpur Sports Medicine Centre (KLSMC) to co-operate in sports medicine.

Accordingly, the two will set up a sport medicine centre which specialises in treating sport injuries.

With the co-operation, the two sides commit to offer special treatment with the participation of skillful doctors.

As part of the partnership, KLSMC and Nova Healthcare are committed to sharing and exchanging expertise in clinical management as well as transferring advanced technology in sports algorithms and stem cell research.

Founded 17 years ago, KLSMC is a leading sports medicine company in the region, providing the latest treatment using stem cell therapy. KLSMC is considered an outstanding AFC health-care centre.

Nova Healthcare, a member of Nova Service under NovaGroup, is an international-standard health-care centre. The centre provides services in big cities and to those living in the group’s housing and hospitalities projects in provinces. — VNS

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