New Nestlé products enhance children’s digestion, immune system

Friday, May 26, 2023 16:53

Nestle Vietnam organises a seminar to share the latest knowledge in nutrition for children and introduce its NAN Optipro Plus 4 formula products in HCM City on May 25. — Photo courtesy of the company

Nestle Vietnam has launched NAN Optipro Plus 4 formula products containing five human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs), a probiotic known as Bifidobacteria and Optipro protein, which the company says support children’s digestion and strengthen immune systems.

The HMOs used in the product are 2’-FL, DFL, LNT, 3’-SL and 6’-SL, which account for nearly 45 per cent of HMOs found in breast milk and have been scientifically proven to improve children's immunity in the first years of life.

In addition, the addition of 100 million beneficial probiotic Bifidobacteria, a special probiotic found in breast milk, to the product has been clinically proven to help children fight against infections, boost immunity and promote digestive health.

Nestle also adds an exclusive nutrient Optipro to the product, providing just the right amount of high-quality protein to help children digest and absorb nutrients and develop healthy muscle.

"The advanced combination of five HMOs has been clinically proven to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. This, together with Bifidobacteria, can help reduce the risk of infections and support the immune system and digestive health in infants," Norbert Sprenger, senior expert at Nestle Research, said.

The products are imported directly from Switzerland and distributing through retail chains of mother and baby products such as Con Cung, Kids Plaza, BiboMart and e-commerce platforms.

At the event, Dr. Pham Diep Thuy Duong, former lecturer in pediatrics at HCM City University of Medicine and Pharmacy also shared the latest knowledge in nutrition for children. — VNS

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