NESCAFÉ collaborates with Hoang Touliver and My Anh to release album featuring sounds of coffee farms

Monday, Oct 18, 2021 16:35

NESCAFE collaborates with music producer Hoang Touliver and singer My Anh to release album featuring sounds of coffee farms. — Photo courtesy of the brand

The NESCAFE brand has for the first time collaborated with DJ and music producer Hoang Touliver and young female singer My Anh to release a special music album inspired by the sounds at NESCAFE farms.

The album “Nang niu lam, thien nhien oi” features the very familiar sounds of coffee farms, trees, water, soil, coffee and so on, that are used to create catchy melodies through a transformation conducted by producer Hoang Touliver and singer My Anh in the lead vocal role.

Talking about the collaboration with the NESCAFE brand on the album, Hoang Touliver, said: “My daily composing life cannot lack cups of coffee, which are an important catalyst for me to dedicate myself to my professional work and maximise my capacity for music.

“This music album in collaboration with NESCAFE is a new and memorable experience as I was immersed in the unique sounds of the coffee farm. I learned many lessons about the NESCAFE Plan programme, which has been implemented for more than 10 years and has created positive improvements for the environment, and improving the quality of coffee beans and the living standards of farmers.”

As the main vocalist of the music album, My Anh said: "My Anh is very happy to contribute to NESCAFE's music album and hopes the album will bring a great and new musical experience to young people during this period."

The album consists of four songs with attractive music and lyrics, cleverly integrating life values into stories about coffee, nature and the environment.

It has been released on Youtube, Spotify and Zing.

With this unique music album, NESCAFE hopes to convey positive life energy to young people after a period of stress and fatigue due to the pandemic, and at the same time, send its gratitude to nature and its conscientiousness behind each cup of coffee. — VNS

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