MVV academy to develop digital skills training for 10 ASEAN countries.

Friday, Mar 24, 2023 16:19

Senior lecturers from 10 ASEAN countries pose for a photo at the Academy in HCM City. — Photo courtesy of the company

MVV Academy has been selected by The Asia Foundation to develop digital skills training content and organise training programs for senior lecturers from 10 ASEAN countries under the Go Digital 2 Project.

The programme aims to provide knowledge on digital skills to over 200,000 MSMEs in the region to enhance their competitiveness and business development. This remarkable achievement has showcased MVV's leading position in the training industry and its capability to provide world-class digital skills training throughout the ASEAN region.

The Academy has received awards for its innovative training programs and its ability to empower MSMEs with practical knowledge and skills, contributing to the development of the ASEAN region in the fields of business and digital technology.

MVV Academy will provide in-depth training and support to lecturers during the localization process of the teaching program to fit the context of each country. MVV is well-equipped to deliver programs that cater to the needs of each country, providing expert support and advice, and localizing the training content to fit the context of each market.

MVV Academy has become an excellent example of how Vietnamese schools and organizations can compete with others in the region. This opportunity not only confirms the Academy's status as a leading training organization in Viet Nam but also strengthens its reputation as an ASEAN-wide provider of world-class digital skills training. This latest milestone marks MVV's commitment to empowering MSMEs and to driving growth in the region's digital economy. — VNS

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