Metrics used to measure employer branding efforts

Friday, Jul 24, 2015 14:55

Amid the increasingly heated war for talent, employer branding is among the most important factors for companies to attract and retain talent. After establishing a brand, the next step is to measure it. Measuring the return on investment of employer branding may be daunting, and you must know the metrics used to do that. Below are some metrics that you can consider to justify your investment in employer branding shared by Navigos Search.

In order to gauge the effectiveness of your employer brand, you must know the suitable metrics. Employer branding strategies are aimed at solving two main problems: Attracting and retention. That is why the metrics used to gauge the effectiveness of these strategies also split into two categories.

In order to measure the effectiveness regarding attracting talent, the metrics include the number of job applicants per dollar spent on advertising your jobs, the quality of job applicants per dollar spent, candidate acceptance rate per dollar spent, the aided and unaided awareness response rate, cost per hire and length of time to fill job openings.

With reference to retention, the metrics range from the turnover of new employees and the turnover of veteran employees to employee satisfaction and engagement.

Simply focusing on your employer brand is not meaningful until it's measurable. The above metrics when taken into serious consideration can help you build effective recruiting and budgeting plans and help figure out what's best for future efforts.

Source: Navigos Search

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