LOTTE Mart launches mobile shopping app with many incentives

Thursday, Nov 30, 2017 08:00

LOTTE Mart has launched a mobile shopping app, SPEED LOTTE, that allows smartphone users to buy many products quickly and conveniently and enjoy benefits at the same time.

As part of its efforts to offer customers the best shopping experience, LOTTE Mart has launched a mobile shopping app called SPEED LOTTE, which allows smartphone users to shop quickly and conveniently for many products at its stores and at the same time enjoy the best ever incentives.

Customers can download SPEED LOTTE from app stores and then just touch their mobile device screen to enter a modern shopping space right from home or office to quickly buy what they want without needing to go to the supermarket.

In addition to offering a user-friendly interface, the app also has other advantages, offering more than 1,000 essential daily-use items, even fresh food, with clear origins though from many sources, including LOTTE Mart’s own Choice L brand of products and imported Korean ones.

LOTTE Mart has launched a mobile shopping app, SPEED LOTTE, that allows smartphone users to buy many products quickly and conveniently and enjoy benefits at the same time.

There is free delivery for customers buying for more than VND150,000 and living within a radius of 10km, with the delivery time ranging from just one to three hours.

For orders worth less than VND150,000, customers will pay a delivery charge of VND5,000 per kilometre. A similar charge will apply for customers living more than 10km away – after the first 10km -- even if the bill is for over VND150,000.

The main interface of SPEED LOTTE after customers sign in.

Besides, starting in December customers can have nutritious lunches delivered within one hour for free if they live within a radius of 5km (and their bills are over VND150,000).

The app accepts cash on delivery now but in the future will offer a choice of payment methods like payment using ATM cards and credit cards and the Samsung payment application.

There will be regular incentive programmes for customers shopping through the app.

While non-members can also shop through the app, customers are recommended to become members to enjoy incentives and gifts.

LOTTE Mart members will see their accounts directly link up with SPEED LOTTE.

For membership, people just need to create an account.

By downloading the SPEED LOTTE online shopping app, customers will receive attractive gifts under the “Download the app now, Receive gift right away” programme.

The app is being trialled at Lotte Mart’s District 7 store from November 23 and Gò Vấp store from November 27 before expanding to all 13 shopping centres and hypermarkets nationwide.

LOTTE Mart has a promotion to mark the launch of the app, “Download the app now, Receive gift right away,” at its District 7 and Gò Vấp stores. They include Coca-Cola cans, glass bowls and other attractive gifts.

Gifts are also offered to the first 1,000 customers to shop via the app, with those buying for VND200,000 and VND400,000 getting a gift respectively worth VND50,000 and VND100,000.

A marketing team carries out a road show to introduce LOTTE Mart’s mobile shopping app, SPEED LOTTE, to the public.

Detailed information is available at LOTTE Mart’s latest shopping handbook, and customers can also contact the supermarket’s customer services centres.

Shopping on SPEED LOTTE is a smart choice for housewives, office workers and others who do not have much time for shopping. The app also promises a most modern and convenient shopping experience.

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