LOTTE Mart celebrates birthday with thousands of gifts

Tuesday, Nov 21, 2017 09:00

Customers with LOTTE Mart cards can buy products at big discounts from November 15 to 28 as part of the supermarket’s Shock Price Deal programme to mark its ninth anniversary in Viet Nam.

LOTTE Mart is organising many promotions from November 15 to 28 to celebrate its ninth birthday in Viet Nam.

They include Golden birthday-Presenting Gold, Super Special Incentives and Shock Price Deals, with thousands of products being discounted by up to 49 per cent to express gratitude to customers who have been with LOTTE Mart for the past nine years.

Golden Birthday, Presenting Gold

Following the success of a programme to gift diamonds to lucky customers on the occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day, October 20, LOTTE Mart has launched a lucky draw to mark its birthday with prizes worth a total of 11.7 taels of gold.

Customers with a bill of at least VND300,000 will go into the lucky draw which offers 13 special prizes of 0.9 tael of JSC gold and 13 lucky prizes of nine LOTTE Mart gift cards each worth VNĐ1 million.

Golden Birthday with Thousands of Gifts

Customers shopping at LOTTE Mart during its birthday celebrations from November 15 to 28 can also buy many products at low prices while also getting attractive gifts.

Elmich brand of products, Red Velvet stainless steel saucepan, Smart Cook super fast kettle, and egg hand mixers are being sold at discounts of 27-37 per cent.

Besides, customers will get a gift of a 550ml bottle of green tea dish washing liquid when they buy a 3.8 litre bottle of Sunlight lemon dish washing liquid.

The price of a 2.7kg pack of Omo Matic laundry liquid and a 2.4kg pack of Omo Matic Comfort glamour attar detergent liquid has been reduced to only VNĐ127,500 each, and customers buying two packs get a set of six patterned bowls.

Besides, many household items, kitchen utensils and food products have also been discounted.

Customers with a bill of VNĐ300,000 or more can win one of 13 special prizes on offer -- 0.9 tael of JSC gold – in a lucky draw at LOTTE Mart.

Shock Price Deals

The Shock Price Deals programme is meant for customers with a LOTTE Mart card. With a bill worth of VND300,000, they are eligible to buy one steeply discounted product under the programme, and with a bill of VND600,000, they can buy two. Below is the list of such products:

+ From Monday to Thursday: Choice L dried seaweed Pare Gim is sold at only VND5,000 (original price: VND35,000) and a 1.2kg pack of Knorr seasoning, at just VND39,000 (VND83,500).

+ From Friday to Sunday: a box of six chicken eggs will be sold at only VNĐ1,000 (VND13,700); a 1.5kg pack of Sunlight green tea dishwashing liquid at only VNĐ19,000 (VND48.000); and a set of two pillows with microfiber pillow cases at only VND49,000 (VND180,000).

The number of products is limited on a daily basis, so the programme may end sooner than expected.

Besides, there are many other exciting activities going on at the 13 LOTTE Mart shopping centres and hypermarkets nationwide, including music nights to express gratitude to customers and a workshop on decorating birthday cakes.

In its nine years in the Vietnamese market, LOTTE Mart has been making every effort to bring the best quality products to consumers and undertake activities to improve the material and spiritual life of the community.

To learn more about LOTTE Mart’s nine-year journey and to discover its special offers on the occasion of its birthday, customers should check out the special publication to mark the anniversary placed at the door and in customer service areas at all stores.

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