JVEDA and Lee&Lee Holdings co-operate to promote foreign investment in Southeast Asia

Friday, May 05, 2023 07:05

Tran Tue Hien, Chairwoman of Provincial People’s Committee of Binh Phuoc Province had a meeting with a Kansai entrepreneur delegation (Japan) in an investment promotion by JVEDA. — Photo courtesy of the firm

The Japan-Viet Nam Economic Development Association (JVEDA) and Lee&Lee Holdings (Lee&Lee) have signed a business co-operation contract (BCC) which aims to provide great opportunities for a new wave of foreign investments in Southeast Asia, especially Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia.

The two sides pledge to co-operate in agricultural development, promoting investment in land funds to create large farms with international standards, and develop hi-tech agriculture production applying Japanese science and technology.

They will also simultaneously invest in modern equipment for the fishing and seafood sectors taking advantage of Japanese fishery strength in the Association to achieve the goal of supplying high-quality seafood products for exports to strong markets such as Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

For the energy sector, JVEDA and Lee&Lee are boosting investments in renewable energy projects of wind, solar and hydroelectricity power in Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia.

The foreign investment flows under the BCC will come through investment funds of Queen Capital Finance Limited (Hongkong) together with businesses and investors from Japan, the US and Europe.

JVEDA and Lee&Lee plan to co-operate with Lexington Group which is headquartered in Viet Nam to develop numerous projects in Southeast Asia in the fields of financial services, renewable energy, manufacturing, logistics, media and entertainment, hi-tech agriculture and fishery.

In Viet Nam alone, they have launched and are jointly implementing the Thien Phu Wind Power Project’s Phase 2, with a capacity of 500MW. The two partners are also participating in a series of other energy projects in Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia to help the energy industries of these countries reduce their dependence on coal-fired power.

Along with renewable energy power projects, JVEDA and Lee&Lee are carrying out many solutions for energy storage and applying smart grid technologies in the Southeast Asian countries to help the governments ensure their commitment compliance with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP25).

Through their vision and strategic direction of operation, the two sides would share social responsibilities and implement potential projects in high-tech agriculture and fishery, financial services, renewable energy and infrastructure. This aims to maintain a long-term growth for investment value and ensure a steady annual dividend for the shareholders.

Lee&Lee is a member of Gia Phu Singapore based in Singapore. It is accompanying Queen Capital Finance to invest in technological and financial services in Asian countries. The company provides capital for expanding scale, mergers and acquisitions, and multi-sector portfolio management including supply chain management, financial services, production, media, energy, agriculture and transportation.

Meanwhile, JVEDA headquartered in Osaka (Japan), helps connect and promote economic exchanges between business groups of Japan, the US and Europe with developing countries in Asia.

With a vision to 2050, JVEDA plans to continuously strengthen development and expand to Africa. It desires to become a "bridge" connecting multinational corporations for investments in many fields including agricultural production, high-tech industry, renewable energy, and infrastructure development in African countries. — VNS

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