Infobip brings Startup Tribe programme to Asia-Pacific

Saturday, Oct 16, 2021 16:37

Infobip launches Startup Tribe programme in AsiaPacific to support start-ups. — Photo Courtesy of Infobip

Global communications company Infobip has launched the Infobip Startup Tribe programme in the Asia-Pacific region including Viet Nam to find the world’s most innovative start-ups to help fast-track their development.

Launched globally in May 2021, the programme has attracted interest from start-ups in all industries.

It offers eligible start-ups the opportunity to be a part of a global community that aims to foster their growth.

Those that qualify will receive up to US$60,000 worth of credit to utilise Infobip’s products and services and get direct access to its experts for advice in their field of expertise and investors from the most reputable global and local VC funds and accelerators, and opportunity to set up an office at one of the dozens of Infobip offices around the world a chance to showcase and pitch their products.

To launch the programme, the company organised a webinar titled ‘Bringing Next-Gen Customer Engagement to Startups’.

At a panel session, participants discussed the opportunities for customer-centric solutions for start-ups and the many challenges and opportunities they face.

They shared insights into how to grow and move forward in the new normal and in the face of the impacts COVID-19 pandemic has had on companies’ abilities to scale up globally.

In Southeast Asia, localised and specialised business models are quickly growing with specific eco-systems and rural digitisation being major focuses.

Customer engagement has changed with the acceleration of digitisation as consumers now expect to engage with a business anytime and anywhere, and it has become important for start-ups to have an always-on customer interaction infrastructure.

In addition, with internet penetration and digital services in APAC in general now on the fast track and 5G deployment commencing in Viet Nam in particular, an omnichannel approach to customer engagement that involves streamlined communications across multiple conversation streams is essential.

The panellists also spoke about challenges that start-ups in the region have already faced.

In an industry that has evolved beyond basic application programming interfaces for messaging and voice capabilities since the pandemic began, Infobip, with the backing of its trusted accelerators and venture capitalists, makes for an ideal partner for start-ups.

Infobip was recently ranked as a market leader in the mobile messaging space on the Juniper Research Competitor Leaderboard. — VNS

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