Important tips to communicate your employer brand

Friday, Jul 10, 2015 17:00

HR experts have continually emphasized the importance of employer brands in the hunt for talent. In Vietnam, employer branding is not common practice. Among the few companies that focus on employer branding, few take a suitable approach to communicate their desired brand image. If you want to optimize your recruitment process through employer branding, pay close attention to the following tips shared by Navigos Search.

What does a good employer brand convey?

A well-managed employer brand will have a positive influence on your target candidates. Branding should be able to tell viable candidates about who you are, what you do, what kind of place it is to work and what types of people fit in there. This information will help candidates decide if they want to work for your organization or not, and gauge their capacity and cultural suitability.

Remember never to exaggerate details about your company. This will help you attract the most suitable candidates and curtail potential turnover problems.

Where can you communicate your brand?

In order to build an employer brand that can enhance the reputation of your company, you should spread the message through various channels, such as your career site, social media sites and the induction process.

The first channel you should focus on is your career website. It is where candidates turn to when they need official information about your organization. To boost the effectiveness of the brand process, you should include various types of media on your career site such as text, photos and videos so that people can clearly envision what it is like to work at your company.

Social media has become one of the most popular places for candidates to learn more about a company. This may include Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram. You can assign one employee to post content about your workplace to keep it updated and engaging.Your brand values should also be translated into the induction process, either for a new recruit or a newly promoted employee. This is when employees form their first impressions of a company and decide if they want to stay. Interactions with line management and team bonding are critical to an employer's brand and help new employees understand how the employer brand promise is real in the organization. — Navigos Search

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