How to make sure the mice won't play when the cat's away

Friday, Jun 12, 2015 10:00

Remote work policies are being applied in an increasing number of companies worldwide. According to a survey by Flexjobs, remote job postings increased by 26% in 2014. Among the top 10 companies offering telecommuting jobs in 2015 were highly successful businesses such as Amazon, Kaplan, First Data and IBM. As for Kaplan, 85 percent of its workforce work remotely.

Why are big companies investing more and more time and money in remote work programmes?

According to a study published by Gallup on the state of the American workplace, remote workers are more connected to their companies, log more hours and the work quality of remote teams has improved.

It is a dream come true for those who long for a better work-life balance. HR experts at Navigos Search recommend that you bear in mind several issues to make the most of these work policies.

Firstly, not everyone on your team is suitable for remote work. The individuals eligible for this policy must have the attitude, work ethic and personality needed for telecommuting.

Secondly, remember to set clear expectations. Your requirements must be conveyed in a clear manner, and do not mislead your remote employees about the standards for a good work attitude.

Remote workers should be available during office hours, must meet deadlines and complete projects with excellence and maintain communication with their manager and co-workers.

One often overlooked element of remote working arrangements is the security of the corporate data that employees can access beyond the office. We recommend you keep a close eye on your employees' use of devices and programmes when they work remotely.

Telecommuting and remote work options are becoming an increasingly common perk to attract and retain talent in this competitive market. By applying this policy of 21st century workplaces with relevant guidelines and supervision, you can effectively optimize the performance of your current workforce. — Source: Navigos Search

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