Hoa Sen pour billion dong to say thank to their customers

Saturday, Jul 06, 2019 14:30

Two Camry cars are sent to customers of Hoa Sen Group. The group spends billions this year to say thank to customers. – VNS Photo Thu Ngan

Plastic pipe producer, Hoa Sen Group, has announced that they have poured billions of Vietnamese dong this year to say thank to their retailers and customers.

Accordingly, since the beginning of this year, Hoa Sen has launched two promotion programmes called “buying Hoa Sen plastic pipe – Winning Camry” and “buying Hoa Sen plastic pipe – Winning AirBlade”.

The total worth of the programmes valued at VND20 billion (US$877,000), the companies said adding that while the first programme is for distributors and agents, the latter is for customers.

Up to date, 20 Honda AirBalade motorbikes and 20 iphones X as well as other gifts have been sent to customers.

On Friday in HCM City, the first lucky agents and distributors received awards with a total of VND3.6 billion with one Camry 2.0G, one Hyundai HD73S, 10 iphone X for distributors and 1 Camry 2.0G, 5 Honda AirBlade and 10 iphones X for agents.

A representative of Hoa Sen said that the promotion propragmme is to thank their customers and distributors who have supported the company for a long time. The programme will last until the end of this year and more present hand-over ceremony will be organised and lucky draw will be done to choose the winners.

Since putting operation in the market, Hoa Sen has become one of the top three plastic pipe producers in the country. With the capacity of 5,000 tonnes per months, the products have been used in domestic market and exported.

With plants located in three regions of the country, Hoa Sen can cut down the cost, boosting the product’s competitiveness, the company said.

Hoa Sen said they have kept investing in technologies so that their products are able to meet standards set by big markets. – VNS


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