Highlands Coffee announces rebranding

Tuesday, Nov 29, 2022 14:26

A Highland Coffee store in HCM City. — Photo courtesy of the company

After 23 years of strong growth, Highlands Coffee has refreshed the brand’s logo, unveiling a new promise “Highlands Coffee® Is Ours”, which reflects its community-driven purpose.

The new refreshed logo still keeps the original one’s essence. From afar, the two iconic oval-shaped curves, inspired after the coffee bean’s shape, are kept intact. The inner images, including mountains, river and deltas which form a cup of coffee, are stylised as a metaphor for the fertile Viet Nam’s highlands.

However, this widely-beloved ensemble has been simplified with minimalist style which subtly inspires modernity, openness, and friendliness.

Furthermore, the logo’s composition embodies the Yin/Yang - Wuxing philosophies from Eastern cultures - defining the harmonious blend of Vietnamese cultural heritage with modernity and Highlands Coffee’s rhythms of modern life.

The new logo with a single red color on a transparent background aims to reflect patriotism, the essence of the nation, the passion for coffee heritage as well as the spirit of “devotion” in serving customers, and evoke the feeling of friendliness, caring, commitment to the community.

“ Despite having more than 500 stores across Viet Nam currently, we do not limit ourselves to only serving coffee. We seek out growing together with a growing Viet Nam in the future as well as being a companion in Vietnamese people’s daily lives,” said David Thai, founder of Highlands Coffee.

“ By the new brand promise “Highlands Coffee® Is Ours”, we want each Highlands Coffee store to become a space dedicated not only to serving coffee; rather to become a hub that fosters social interation through common passions, interests or simply a shared love for coffee, tea and delicious cakes”, he said. — VNS

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