HDBank Petrolimex 4-in-1 super card a huge hit as fuel inflation bites

Wednesday, Jul 20, 2022 14:30

Easing the burden of skyrocketing gasoline prices with HDBank Petrolimex 4-in-1 super card. - Photo courtesy of HDBank

By addressing all worries faced by users in the context of rising prices, the HDBank Petrolimex 4 in 1 super card has created another definition for a payment card.

“Prices increase every day while wages increase every year” is something many people are finding to be true. Food and fuel prices are escalating by the day, but salaries remain unchanged, causing people to face high pressure on their monthly finances.

HDBank Petrolimex 4-in-1 super card, co-branded by HDBank and Petrolimex, has quickly stolen the hearts of many people by meeting customers’ requirements in the midst of the rising prices. The card can not only be used to make payments, but is also a flexible financial source and helps cardholders ease the payment burden.

HDBank - Petrolimex 4-in-1 super card offers a number of privileges.

The super card integrates three types of cards: credit card, debit card and identified prepaid card. It also features a Petrolimex ID function that identifies loyal customers.

So, when paying for petrol, customers will automatically accumulate points in their Petrolimex loyalty tracking system to enjoy special offers later, meaning there is no fear of not earning points simply because the customer forgot to carry the card.

In addition, customers can utilise the card as a credit card to make transactions when needed and pay later during the interest-free period or make instalment purchase at zero interest.

Using the prepaid card feature customers can easily make payments online or through POS machines, and can convert to other foreign currencies when abroad.

HDBank Petrolimex 4-in-1 super card integrates three types of cards and the Petrolimex ID feature. - Photo courtesy of HDBank

With respect to the debit card feature, customers can use the card instead of cash to make payment online and on POS machines. Customers can only spend up to the amount of money that has been topped up in the card, avoiding potential risks related to using ATM cards, which are directly linked to their main accounts.

When paying for fuel or making their first transaction of at least VND200,000 using credit card feature, customers will be refunded VND100,000 by HDBank.

For subsequent payments for petrol at Petrolimex pumps with credit cards, customers will accumulate points, get refunds, and receive 0.7 per cent bonus. Of which, 0.2 per cent will be refunded to credit card accounts by HDBank and 0.5 per cent will be converted through the Petrolimex ID programme managed by Petrolimex.

As soon as customers complete the application for the card and get approval, they will be issued a virtual card with a credit limit of VND2 million for immediate use.

After that, the limit will automatically increase to VND1 billion depending on the credit rating.

Customers can register to get HDBank Petrolimex 4-in-1 card online quickly and conveniently at https://sieuthe4trong1.hdbank.com.vn.

For Petrolimex ID, customers can register at https://plxid.petrolimex.com.vn

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