Gojek launches "Small Shops Weather Big Storms" campaign

Thursday, Nov 03, 2022 16:00

Gojek will partner with the Viet Nam Women’s Union in HCM City, to empower and upskill female entrepreneurs. — VNS Photo

Gojek, Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand platform, launched the “Small Shops Weather Big Storms” campaign in Viet Nam, an inclusive initiative to help micro-entrepreneurs improve their livelihoods by going digital.

Through this initiative, tens of thousands of micro-merchants in Viet Nam will gain access to an online repository of digital and financial tools, which will help them successfully set up and run a small food business online.

Besides, Gojek will also partner with the Viet Nam Women’s Union in HCM City, to empower and upskill female entrepreneurs to leverage e-commerce to access new income-earning opportunities and help reduce barriers to socio-economic growth.

With an extensive portal of resources, “Small Shops Weather Big Storms” aims to provide micro-merchants with the tools to build stronger, more resilient and digitally enabled businesses, helping them to keep up with market trends and changing consumer needs.

From target audience identification, stock and pricing strategy, to managing inventory, marketing, packaging, delivery and more, the portal is a one-stop-shop for food merchants.

In addition, users can also access and be inspired by success stories of dozens of Vietnamese micro-entrepreneurs who built successful businesses from their own kitchen simply by going digital.

Through the partnership with the Viet Nam Women’s Union in HCM City, Gojek will provide entrepreneurial skills training to 200 female micro-merchants, focusing on financial planning, business management and how to manage an online store.

Following the completion of the training series, entrepreneurs will have the option to start their own food business on GoFood, Gojek’s online food delivery platform, providing them with access to the millions of consumers transacting on Gojek.

Gojek will continue to support these merchants, helping to accelerate their online business journey through personalised onboarding assistance and exclusive marketing campaigns, as well as favourable incentives. — VNS

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