FWD’s engagement marketing takes lead in Vietnam’s insurance market

Wednesday, Dec 14, 2022 14:00

Everyday, thousands of advertising messages have been overwhelming for consumers, who however could remember just a few. This challenges marketers to reach potential buyers in a different way, paving the way for engagement marketing to come in.

FWD’s song ‘Get ready to live’ has become a national hit

Since entering the Vietnamese market six years ago, FWD has been coming up with unique, diverse and pioneering marketing efforts. For daring to change, innovate and break status quo, FWD has utilised engagement marketing programs to renonate with its audience and build lasting consumer relationships.

2016: bring ‘Get ready to live’ spirit to the insurance industry

At its official debut in 2016, FWD had a special performance where many popular young artists joined its staff for a youthful flash mob dance.

FWD’s song ‘Get ready to live’ has become a national hit. From it, people gradually realised that insurance is a companion that helps them live without worries, celebrate living and fully live every moment.

That was one of FWD’s first successful steps in its journey to change the way people feel about insurance.

2018: Encourage customer to get ‘Early protection’

In the past, when approaching customers, insurance companies often talked about the potential risks and insurance benefits for “those who remain” but rarely mentioned the fact that all of us also need to protect ourselves.

#Sớmbảovệ (#EarlyProtection) is one of the positive messages launched at FWD Music Tour

FWD has chosen a new direction by evoking a positive view of insurance as active protection so that one could enjoy life rather than just assuage people’s fears.

So it encourages people to take the initiative to protect themselves “early.” This approach has received a lot of support, especially from youths.

Whether one is a man or woman, married or single, it is important to love and protect ourselves.


More notably, FWD’s meaningful marketing campaigns such as “#LoveYourself - #ProtectYourself”; “EarlyBonding - #EarlyProtection”; “#EarlyProtection - #CelebrateLiving”, … have contributed to changing the way people feel about insurance, bringing forth practical values that genuinely meet the needs of each customer.

2020: Prioritise ‘Easy-to-understand insurance’

When people look at insurance, they often feel confused and bewildered by the complicated terms and jargon. FWD wishes to erase this prejudice by pioneering the simplification of insurance exclusions (2016) and making a breakthrough with the FWD Clarity project (2020).

FWD released ‘Project Clarity’ ti underline its unique stance in the market.

Project Clarity is not just about being easy to understand at the level of texts, contracts, services, products, and processes, but even in FWD’s communications campaigns and customers’ approach, making them straightforward and foolproof, with colourful infographics.

Thus, FWD has made insurance information easier for customers to read and understand.

This approach of FWD once again proves its unique values as well as capability to accurately capture market demands and customers’ insights.

2022: Keep on inspiring with ‘Press Play’

In the final months of 2022 FWD launched a new brand campaign it called ‘Press Play.’

Through stories from real-life characters in Asia and Vietnam and their candid moments and experiences when faced with difficult problems in life, FWD encourages people to “press play”, actively reconnecting with loved ones, following their passion, bravely taking on new challenges, stepping out of their comfort zone and doing all the things in your bucket list.

FWD’s young and contemporary way to spread the message has helped it inspire the community.

‘Press Play’ has since its launch received a very enthusiastic response from the community. The hashtag #FWDTiếnbướcsốngđầy (#FWDPressplay) has had more than 553,000 interactions as well as more than 112,000 mentions and shares on social media. Contents related to the hashtag #FWDPressplay have also reached 97 million views on Tiktok.

Many inspirational stories about the spirit of ‘Press Play’ all over Vietnam have also been shared and spread, conveying a positive and refreshing energy to the community.

For many customers, FWD is not only an insurance company but also an "inspirational person", helping customers and their families have a more optimistic and positive manner.

Over six years of operation in Vietnam, FWD's spirit of "Celebrate Living" has been consistently included in all its activities, becoming a marketing highlight.

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