Dutch Lady proud of its safe fresh milk

Friday, Jan 03, 2020 10:30

Sourcing standard raw milk is the mission of the company.

Viet Nams milk production in 2018 was 936,000 tonnes after an average annual increase of 15 per cent since 2011.

But it met less than 40 per cent of demand.

Milk brands face a challenge of finding sources of raw fresh milk that offer safety and high quality. Every brand has its own way of addressing problems while still ensuring quality standards.

Dutch Lady, which has more than 145 years of experience in the dairy industry, took sustainable measures to source standard raw fresh milk when it first came to Viet Nam.

Dutch Lady always assists farmers in producing good quality milk.

Many global enterprises with decisive voices in the industry, such as Dutch Lady, always have an overview of the industry. They are aware that their efforts to develop their brands would also affect the industry in which they operate.

Dutch Ladys's business philosophy is “Nurturing Nature”.

Dutch Lady has the same business in every country it operates in.

The owners of farms with whom it co-operates are considered the main elements in its development. It has invested in these owners and works together with them to develop the dairy sector. Dutch Lady thinks this helps sustainable growth in raw milk production in terms of both quality and quantity. Moreover, this helps both Dutch Lady and the farmers develop.

Steps to carry out strategy and bring global standards

Dutch experts have trained Vietnamese farmers under Dutch Lady's Dairy Industry Development Programme.

The dairy industrys development programme includes the following business philosophy. Each household raising cows has awareness of brand development. The development of the brand is integrated in every process including selecting cows, building breeding facilities and taking care of, feeding and milking the cows. Every step conforms to international standards but is localised to suit each place.

Viet Nam has more than 2,000 famers. The provinces of Long An, Lam Dong, Ha Nam, and Vinh Phuc, Cu Chi District in HCM City and others have large farms that have taken part in Dutch Ladys Dairy Industry Development Programme for many years now.

Dutch Lady is equipped with Bactoscan, the most modern equipment anywhere in the world, to test milk hygiene standards.

Through the programme, Dutch Lady has undertaken many activities to benefit farmers. For instance, they have been trained in five good dairy farming practices, namely ensuring the health of milk cows, hygiene in milking, environment and safety at farms, food and drink, and good care.

The programmes achievements are awards for Dutch Lady's efforts to create the same quality of raw fresh milk in this country as elsewhere. The quality meets Dutch standards.

According to a recent report, the Dutch Lady fresh milk samples analysed have an average total plate count (TPC) of 260,000 CFU/ml, lower than the previous 300,000 CFU/ml and only an 11th of the permitted 3,000,000 CFU/ml.

Dutch Lady has collaborated with farmers to produce milk that meets the quality standards adopted by the Netherlands, known as “the cradle” of the global dairy industry so that consumers feel secure.

When Dutch Lady milk cartons come to the market, each has to comply with the “four NOs” - no antibiotic residues, no pesticides left over from the breeding process, no preservatives, and no colourants.

Dutch Lady has set itself the mission of collaborating with Vietnamese farmers to produce the best quality milk through good dairy farming practices.

It is the only company in Viet Nam to reward farmers for milk with low levels of contamination to incentivise them to strive to improve the quality of their milk. Moreover, it is equipped with Bactoscan, the most modern equipment anywhere in the world, to test milk hygiene standards.

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