Đông Đô Hospital applies SmartSight technology to improve eye care services

Wednesday, Apr 24, 2024 19:10

With SmartSight intelligent femtosecond laser technology developed by Germany's Schwind Group, Đông Đô Hospital will bring high-quality and safe eye care services to customers. — Photo courtesy of the hospital

Đông Đô Hospital announced that it has successfully received the transfer of SmartSight intelligent femtosecond laser technology, a breakthrough in the field of ophthalmology developed by Germany's Schwind Group.

“Đông Đô Eye is proud to be a pioneer in applying SmartSight, committed to bringing high quality and safe eye care services to customers. We believe that this event will open a new chapter in improving vision and enhancing the quality of life for the Vietnamese people,” said hospital CEO Đinh Thị Phương Thủy.

“This event marks an important milestone in improving the quality of treatment for myopia and astigmatism patients in Việt Nam. This is also a testament to Đông Đô Eye - Đông Đô Hospital's pioneering commitment to continuously improve the quality of eye health care,” added Thủy.

Thủy said that the SmartSight procedure can be used to treat myopia as well as astigmatism. Refractive correction is performed entirely with SCHWIND ATOS. The advanced technology helps minimise the amount of tissue that needs to be removed; expands the treatment range up to 12 degrees of nearsightedness and six degrees of astigmatism; reduces incidence of intraocular pressure (IOP); and at the same time minimises dry eye symptoms after surgery.

In the SmartSight procedure, the SCHWIND ATOS femtosecond laser creates a predefined lenticule in the intrastromal tissue of the cornea and makes small peripheral incisions in the top corneal layer for lenticular access. After lasering, the surgeon, looking through the microscope included in SCHWIND ATOS, can easily remove the lenticule through the small access incisions.

SmartSight uses no corneal flap of any kind, and there is no laser ablation like there is with excimer lasers. — VNS

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