Dat Bikers provide free power supply service for small businesses in HCMC during Tết

Wednesday, Jan 31, 2024 16:22

A member of Dat Biker community brings an emergency power generator to help a grocery owner in Bình Thạnh District, HCM City. — Photo courtesy of Dat Bikers

Electricity is a vital aspect of life. However, power outages still occur, even in major cities, especially during the pre-Tết and Tết periods when demand is high, leading to potential overload. For small businesses, power outages not only cause inconvenience but also result in loss of customers, causing significant harm to their operations.

Recognising this impact, a group called Dat Bikers has come up with the idea of Re:Charge - turning the batteries on Dat Bikes into "mobile power generators," bringing electricity to small businesses in case of power loss during this Tết season.

In the event of a power outage, small businesses like tattoo parlours, rice plate shops and grocery stores in HCM City can contact Re:Charge on Zalo: 0905291413. A Dat Biker will quickly arrive at the location with a Dat Bike charger and provide power, with each small business receiving support for a charging session lasting one to three hours. This way, small businesses can resume their operations after a short period.

With a specialised device, a 1,000W or 2,000W power inverter, the energy from the Dat Bike's battery can be converted into 220V electricity, suitable for powering electrical devices in small businesses. The Dat Bike battery can provide continuous power for up to four hours with a 1,000W power inverter and two hours with a 2,000W power inverter.

Through Dat Bike's advanced technology, Re:Charge has created significant value for the community and inspired the spread of positive actions. Recently, Re:Charge has supported several small businesses, including a cơm tám eatery, a tattoo parlour, and even a grocery store. The service will continue to operate throughout Tết, with Dat Bikers joining hands to bring warmth and sharing to small businesses during the Tết season. — VNS

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