Co.opmart slashes prices of many goods for Tet

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019 11:00

Co.opmart supermarket attracts a lot of Tet (Lunar New year) shoppers these days. — Photo Tan Thanh

Co.opmart supermarkets these days are crowed with customers, especially from 11h30 to 14h30 and 17h to 20h30. During weekends they are busy virtually the whole day.

At all stalls in the stores customers will see discount programmes. The biggest and most shocking discounts are offered on daily necessities such as cooking oil, soft drinks, instant coffee, beer, canned milk coffee, fabric softener, detergent liquid, dishwashing liquid, floor cleaning liquid, and facial cleanser.

Notably, Sprite, Coca Cola and Fanta cost only VND1,000 for a 1.5l bottle when customers buy their fourth or eighth bottle.

Cashew nuts, chestnuts, non-coloured melon seeds, crystallized ginger, young coconut and custard, raisins, and fruit candies are discounted by VND10,000 per box to VND60,000 on average.

Tins of cake imported from France and Denmark are discounted by VND8,000 per box to VND 28,000.

Beer and fruit juices are all sold at below market prices: all kinds of 750ml bottles of Arbutus juice are discounted by VND26,600 a bottle, Budweiser beer is discounted by VND25,000 per case of 24 cans and Sapporo beer has the biggest discount of VND39,000 per case of 24 cans.

Co.opmart supermarkets are offering big discounts on many products, including many bought to celebrate the Lunar New Year, until February 4 (the last day of this lunar year). — Photo Tan Thanh

Fashion products, including t-shirts, shirts, jackets, jeans, high-quality women’s dresses, children’s clothes, spring fashion and altered ao dai, are discounted by 20-30 per cent on average.

Household appliances and home decoration items have the highest discounts of up to 50 per cent.

For instance, certain brands of electric grills have their prices cut by 50 per cent, non-stick pans by 47 per cent, slow-cook pots by 40 per cent, house cleaning kits by 39 per cent, knives and cutting boards by 40 per cent, fabric flowers by 35 per cent, glassware and porcelain products by 40 per cent, and children’s toys by 30 per cent on average.

Besides, lucky envelopes in various themes are discounted by 30 per cent.

According to a Co.opmart spokesperson, the big discounts will apply until the last day of this lunar year.

The Lunar New Year falls on February 5.

In the days leading up to Tet, the supermarket will co-ordinate with brands to run another promotion programme across the country, mainly for food products. — VNS

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