Co.opmart, Co.opXtra sell 250 products forVND2,000 onwards

Monday, May 03, 2021 07:27

Customers shop at a Co.opmart outlet in HCM City. — Photo Quang Dinh

Co.opmart and Co.opXtra supermarkets will offer steep discounts on nearly 250 items, including vegetables, seasoning products, milk, noodles, porridges, liquid detergents, fabric softeners, toilet paper, and home appliances under the ‘Like product like price’ and ‘Buy more get more discount’ programmes from May 3 to 5, with eachstarting at a price of just VND2,000.

On Monday (May 3): A 280g pack of baby choy sum/bok choy will be reduced to VND2,000, a 150g pack of HP mung bean sprout to VND2,000, a 150g pack of TKCO sprout to VND2,000, a 250g pack of Meizan premium egg noodles to VND4,400, a 380g pack of Knorr organic shiitake mushroom seasoning to VND13,800, a pack of 4x100g Vinamilk yogurt with less sugar to VND17,000, and a pack of 3x190g of almond and black bean milk to VND25,000 when customers buy a second, fourth or sixth item of the same product.

On Tuesday (May 4): A pack of 10 Co-op Select 2-ply toilet paper with the package featuring orchids will cost only VND25,000, a 100 sheet pack of Co.op Select wet tissue only VND13,500, a 2-ply Co.opHappy toilet paper roll only VND19,000, a 210ml MCSB021 square glass box only VND25,000, and a Supor Every F09A-16cm non-stick pan only VND35,000 when customers buy a second, fourth orsixth item.

A 450g pack of Da Lat Co.op Select bok choy will besold at VND3,000, a 250gm pack of Co.op Selectbaby amaranth at VND3,000, a 100gm pack of BA KHANH fresh vermicelli at VND3,000, and a 50g pack of chili at VND3,000.

Customers wait in line to check out at a Co.opmart store in HCM City. — Photo Quang Dinh

On Wednesday (May 5): A 280g pack of Co.opSelect baby Malabar spinach/ baby morning glory will be discounted to VND4,000, a 50g pack of OTTO bread with meat and mayonnaise also to VND4,000 and a V-food instant salted duck egg to VND4,000.

A 2.1kg bag of Ariel matic deodorant washing liquid will be sold for only VND69,000, a 2.8l bag of Comfort concentrated fabric softener with one time resin and morning fresh scent/ natural perfume Bella for only VND85,000 and a 180 sheet box of Bless you À la vie tissue at only VND7,500, and a washing machine net bag 27x27x40cm for only VND20,000 when customers buy a second, fourth or sixth item.

The supermarkets are also running a ‘Buy 5 get 2 free’ programme to enable customers to buyessential items at the best prices.

The programme covers products such as SG Food nutritious porridge, Fanta, TH True Milk pasteurized fresh milk, Co.op Select dishwashing liquid, and Co.op Select toothbrush. Customers only need to pay for three when buying five items.

From now until May 5, Co.opmart and Co.opXtra are also offering preferential prices on a number of processed foods, chemical-based products, household utensils, and apparel to members.

For more information about the programmes, customers can contact the supermarket’s customer care hotline at 1900 555568 or directly. — VNS

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