Co.opmart, Co.opXtra offer big discounts on sausage, seasoning

Monday, Nov 08, 2021 14:15

Co.opmart and Co.opXtra supermarkets are offering steep discounts on the second, fourth and sixth items of some products customers buy under the ‘Buy more, get great incentives’ programme from now until November 24. — Photo Hong Chau

Customers shopping at Co.opmart and Co.opXtra supermarkets from now through November 24 will have the chance to get enormous discounts when buying two, four and six items of some products under their ‘Buy more, get great incentives’ programme.

In particular, sausages and seasonings are being sold at extremely low prices.

The prices have been reduced to VND16,000 for a 200g pack of German Legourmet sausage, VND18,800 for a 380gr pack of Knorr organic shiitake mushroom seasoning, VND3,000 for a 150gr pack of Meizan crispy frying mix, VND8,000 for a 250gr pack of Meizan premium egg noodles and a 70gr Cel brown sugar pearl fresh milk cream.

They have been cut to VND19,000 for a 400gr pack of Co.op Select pure Chilean oats, VND89,000 for a 5kg bag of ST25 Co.op Finest fragrant rice, VND24,000 for a four-pack of Vinamilk Love Yogurt - dark brown sugar pearl yogurt, VND18,000 for a 500gr box of Bibogo sliced cabbage kimchi, VND9,000 for a 1L pet bottle of Oolong Tea Plus tea, and VND10,000 for a 1.5L pet bottle of Sprite/Fanta orange/ Coke zero sugar/ cream soda flavour Fata Fata.

Under the ‘Buy more, get great incentives’ programme from now until November 24, Co.opmart and Co.opXtra offer a number of products for free or close to free. — Photo Hong Chau

The programme also covers garments, cosmetics and cleaning products, with a number of products being offered for free or close to free.

For instance, a My Dung tole fabric homewear set for women costs zero dong, a women’s panty costs VND4,900, a Bliss short-sleeved men's T-shirt costs VND19,000, a 2kg bag of Omo Matic laundry liquid for baby clothes/deodorant costs VND77,000, a 3.5kg bag of Lix quick clean and deodorant laundry liquid costs VND 49,000, a 2.2/2.3L bag of Downy sweet flower fabric conditioner/lavender costs VND89,000, a 4kg bottle of Net green tea & antibacterial dishwashing liquid costs VND49,000, a 550ml Head&Shoulders SZ anti-dandruff cold shampoo costs VND95,000, and an 880/900ml bottle of Vim blue concentrated toilet cleaner costs VND21,000.

In addition, when customers buy Pepsi/7up/Mirinda/Fanta soft drinks, Oolong tea, Halida/Tuborg/Carlsberg beer or Samurai energy drinks, they will receive a buddy card under a programme called ‘Becoming a close friend – Earning rewards gradually’ until November 24. For every 10 cards they collect, customers can get one voucher with a value of VND30,000.

More information about the programme is available at, customer care hotline at 190055568 and all Co.opmart and Co.opXtra stores. — VNS

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