Co.opmart, Co.opXtra continue to cut prices ahead of Tet

Friday, Feb 01, 2019 08:00

Co.opmart supermarkets are always crowded during the run-up to Tet. — Photo Thien Thu

Co.opmart and Co.opXtra supermarkets and Co.op Food stores nation-wide are offering attractive discounts for Tet (Lunar New Year) and drawing large crowds of shoppers.

The closer to Tet, the shopping atmosphere is more bustling, with fresh food, especially the regional specialties among best-selling items.

From now until February 4, the 30th of the last lunar month, many fresh and ready-to-eat foods like green-skin pomelo, American red apple, round watermelon, pickled vegetables, shrimp, uncooked pork paste, and braised pork and eggs in caramel sauce are being sold at 12 – 25 per cent discounts.

Many regional specialties are also sold at discounts. For instance, the price of Yen The chicken has been cut from VND189,000 a kilogramme to VND160,900, Canh orange is sold at VND69,000 a kilogramme, Dien pomelo at VND50,000 a kilogramme, and Ca Mau dried shrimp from VND80,000 to VND600,000 a bottle depending on size.

Ngoc Linh ginseng is also sold at low prices.

A Co.opmart supermarket in HCM City. Co.opmart, Co.opXtra supermarkets and Co.op Food stores nation-wide are offering attractive discounts during Tet. — Photo Thien Thu

Besides, Co.opmart and Co.opXtra are also offering big discounts on processed foods for Tet such as 500gm of Vissan pork paste, a 450gm jar of Song Huong pickled vegetables, 500gm pack of Pham Gia Phat vegetarian fish paste, 390gm jar of Ngoc Lien sweet and sour pickled scallion heads, and 500gm box of Co.op Select shrimp sausage.

In addition, under a "Buy more, get more discounts" programme from now until February 4, customers can buy various kinds of packed foods, soft drinks, cosmetics, and cleaning products at very big discounts, and get more discounts the more they buy, with certain products priced at a mere VND1,000.

For instance, a 1 litre bottle of Season high-grade cooking oil has been reduced from VND50,600 to VND1,000 for the third item, a 1.5l bottle of CocaCola from VND18,900 to VND1,000 for the fourth item, a 500ml can of Budweiser beer from VND27,500 to VND1,000 for the fourth item, and a 75g pack of Kokomi Dai sour and spicy shrimp instant noodles to VND1,000 for the fifth item.

A 3.8kg bottle of Lix concentrated detergent liquid carries the biggest discount, with its price reduced from VND152,200 to VND3,800 for a second bottle.

The retail system of Saigon Co.op, comprising Co.opmart, Co.opXtra, Co.op Food, and Co.op Smile will be open longer in HCM City during Tet:

- From February 1 to 3 (27th to 29th of the lunar month): open from 6am to midnight

On February 4: open from 6am to noon

On February 5 (Lunar New Year): closed

From February 6 to 9: open from 8 am to noon.

From February 10 onward: normal working hours.

The Cheers convenience store chain will remain open 24/7.

Co.opmart supermarkets, Co.op Food convenience stores and Sense City department stores in other provinces and cities, depending on local conditions, will remain open long enough to serve customers in the best possible manner.

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