Connected building solutions helps for safety

Monday, Sep 10, 2018 16:04

Safety in residential and commercial buildings is one of the top priorities in recent years. Since early 2018 till now, many fire incidents have caused hundreds of casualties for tenants and damages. This also impacted the real-estate market so that investors turned their focus to land rather than apartments.

As Viet Nam enters Internet of Things (IOT) era, many industries are shifting to newer cutting-edge technologies. IOT is rapidly transforming the way vendors of safety and security do business. Connected and centrally managed security solutions are very promising, enabling higher security and safety levels though event correlations as well as faster and more targeted incident response.

An example of very common cases: the case of unauthorised access of apartment blocks, camera surveillance systems with facial recognition function will automatically detect trespassers and their location. Building security is enhanced by information sharing with between systems such as access control for door control, and by sending notifications directly to mobile devices of operators for them to respond in time. System events can be configured to trigger alarms accordingly.

In emergency situations such as fires, connected solutions are proven to reduce response time to minimise damage to both human and assets. Fire alarm systems integrated with the video surveillance camera system can eliminate false alarms and detect real threats of smoke and fire within seconds. Alarms will be sent directly to the public address systems to announce voice evacuation messages, while access control systems will automatically unlock all doors for tenants. The camera systems will keep track of the overview of the event and provide predictive scenarios for operators to prepare appropriate solutions.

However, most systems are still being operated separately. Information is collected at the control room in buildings and is only processed manually by operators. Also, many security and safety solutions are closed solutions or still developing open communication methods for their systems to interconnect and integrate with third parties. And in some cases, investors don’t focus on this topic of importance.

It is learnt from Becky Vo, Country Head (Viet Nam, Cambodia, Myanmar), Bosch Building Technologies – the leading global provider of integrated & smart security, safety, and communication building solutions, that: “Smart technologies offer countless potential for different industries. Meanwhile, Internet of Things further enhances the possibility of complete integration across platforms for seamless and cost-effective operation. However, this is just the tip of a huge iceberg, so the world in general, and Viet Nam market in particular, will continue to see major changes in the very near future.”

She further elaborated: “At Bosch, we spark enthusiasm for new things and embrace changes as opportunities. Therefore, with our market expertise and technical excellence, Bosch welcome these chances to introduce new, cutting-edge and intelligent products to meet increasing demands, in addition to our existing high-end integrated solutions. We commit to bring the best and proven solutions implemented over the world to Viet Nam market for the Safety and Smart.” — VNS


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