CHIN-SU honors artisans in Nam Dinh pho village

Tuesday, Dec 13, 2022 17:15

To mark ‘Day of Pho’ (December 12), CHIN-SU chilli sauce has contributed to re-creating a scene of cooking the traditional broth at the pho festival held in Nam Dinh Province's Van Cu village.

International and domestic food lovers enjoy pho with CHIN-SU chili sauce. Photo CHIN-SU

The people of Van Cu village, the hometown of pho, and thousands of visitors have witnessed talented chefs prepare pho and immersed themselves in various activities at the event.

Van Cu has a 100-year-old tradition of cooking pho, but for its people such a large event with so many visitors was a novelty.

Hundreds of stalls were put up by many famous pho brands from all over the country.

At many of them, visitors had to queue up to wait for their turn to try the broth.

And once you eat pho, they cannot forget add some CHIN-SU chili sauce. A little spiciness mixed with hot noodle soup on a winter day in the North makes pho more rounded and balanced than ever.

More than 1,000 bowls were served at the Day of Pho festival.

Vu Thi Nhung, 79, a Van Cu local, said: "I always add this chili sauce whenever I eat pho. Even when having pho, I always put some CHIN-SU chili sauce into the bowl.”

CHIN-SU chili sauce is made from pureed fresh chili and traditional fermentation techniques, which helps to sublimate the taste buds in three levels of flavor.

Putting a little chili sauce into a bowl of pho and mixing it with the broth gives the dish an extremely attractive color. The aroma of pho and the sour fermented smell of the chili sauce act as an appetizer "transmitter" that stimulates the taste buds.

The rich broth bursts with a warm spicy taste and spreads lightly.

In addition to complimenting pho, CHIN-SU's chili sauce is also ideal for noodles, vermicelli and grilled squid and when making sauces.

At the event CHIN-SU gave gifts to members of the association and honoured 5 folk artisans whose families have been making pho for 3 generations or more.

Day of Pho is an annual event meant to honour traditional pho in particular and the Vietnamese culinary culture in general.

It is also a forum for individuals and organisations to help spread the popularity of pho and Vietnamese culture.

CHIN-SU is honored to accompany the Day of Pho with its many impressive and meaningful traditional activities. As a brand that has accompanied Vietnamese cuisine for many years and a chili sauce that is indispensable in many pho dishes, CHIN-SU wishes to accompany the program for many upcoming years and be able to contribute to preserving and promoting the value of Vietnamese culinary culture and continuing to spread the pho culture among domestic and foreign communities.

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