Chateau Dalat: realising Vietnam's premium wine making potential

Tuesday, Feb 02, 2016 14:39

Ladora Winery's grape growing area in central province of Ninh Thuan. — VNS Photo
Rapid acceptance by customers of the newly-launched Chateau Dalat, Vietnam's first premium wine brand, has been both an interesting business story and a significant milestone for the country's wine industry.

Inspiration from Chateau Dalat

With demand for wine rocketing, local wine makers are trying to become more professional.

Ladora Winery, Vietnam's first professional wine maker, has prepared for many years to make premium wines, and is now able to work confidently with professional vintners from around the world.

A bottle of Chateau Dalat wine made by Ladora Winery. — VNS Photo

It has imported the most modern wine making technologies from Italy, its experts and staff have been trained for many years in Europe and worked under the guidance of experienced international experts.

Besides, Ladora Winery has revealed its capability for sustainable development and far-sightedness by investing in growing raw materials in the central province of Ninh Thuan under a professional development master plan.

The company spent five years analysing soil conditions and selecting and testing superior European grapes for winemaking. It has set up a most modern agricultural system with proper models. So far, Ladora Winery's raw materials has been built successfully and continue to expand quickly to reach 100 hectares in the near future.

Chateau Dalat is the premium wine brand made by Ladora Winery.

Chateau Dalat premium wine has run the gauntlet of international cuisine experts and wine gourmets, who have acknowledged is as "truly tasty."

New prospects for premium Vietnam wine

Chateau Dalat's success has sparked great confidence and inspiration in Vietnamese wine producers. Questions like whether Vietnamese can make good wines and Vietnamese premium wines can meet international standards or become popular have been fully answered with Chateau Dalat's success.

In 2015 Vietnamese consumed around 32 million litres of wine. Most wines, especially premium ones, were imported and the consumption is set to increase sharply in future in a market considered the most promising in Asia.

With the success of Ladora Winery's Chateau Dalat, Vietnamese premium wines are in a good place to develop.

And with that many huge vineyards that grow Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Merlot grapes for wine making. Local consumers are waiting for Vietnamese wine producers to come up with more great offerings in the near future.

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