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Monday, Feb 24, 2014 16:43

The boom of information and smart mobile devices has posed a formidable challenge for retailers worldwide as the new consumer generation is more information-driven and experience-oriented. New technologies enable eye-catching and interactive elements and a pleasant in-store environment that can lead to a competitive advantage for retailers.

Today's consumers demand a unique retail environment

Samsung LFDs reflect the modernity and create the differentiation of Intermarche stores.

An IBM-supported research project on the retail industry in 2011 showed that 61% of the potential customers seek and compare information on features, reliability, brands and prices of a product or service before purchasing.

Furthermore, the Internet, mobile devices and social networking present serious shopping alternatives to traditional "brick and mortar" retail stores. E-commerce not only provides advantages in selection, convenience and pricing but also the transparency, information and options that enable consumers to shift demand rapidly to preferred retailers and brands. Maintaining customers' loyalty and trust has become harder, but is still more important than ever.

Then, how can retailers address this challenge and be able to convert such buying behavior into opportunity for them? The answer is to create a unique in-store experience that needs to address four key elements: accessibility, interaction, convenience and differentiation.

Accessibility, interaction and convenience have been identified as key objectives by most modern retailers, with various strategies in place to achieve them. Differentiation still presents a big opportunity for many retailers and is now being supported by new technologies that enhance the consumer experience.

Transform your business with the new consumer experience

To create a differentiated shopping environment, digital signage presents a substantial opportunity for retailers to entice the information, driving consumer to pause, look and purchase their products and services. By drawing the shopper inside the store with vibrant images and engaging content on large format digital displays, retailers can attract shopper attention directly to the product that fulfills their needs, thereby encourages spontaneous purchase decisions.

As famous as it may be in France, the supermarket chain Intermarch has had to face fierce competition from rivals, domestic and foreign alike. Traditionally, Intermarch used leaflets, flyers and posters to provide information for their customers. However, these traditional tools proved to be very costly to design, print and as well as post and remove. "The paper-based signage creates clutter in the store and does not convey a modern image of the store. And customers can easily miss the message because it is not dynamic and eye-catching." says Mr. Nicolas Besnard, Communications Manager.

The situation has improved significantly since Intermarch's introduction of Samsung Large Format Display (LFD), which has helped the supermarket chain effectively demonstrate the images of fresh food, keep and monitor its promotional campaigns updated to the minute and feature other useful information such as weather forecasts and traffic congestions. Company's top management was very satisfied with the results of substantial sales revenue increment and positive customer feedback. The innovative, out of the box, and modern store using Samsung LFDs can show various digital contents, from images to video, from template or PowerPoint to useful web-based information or interactive screen that will immediately get customer's attention. "The monitors keep customers engaged and busy so the perceived wait time in line has been reduced." says Besnard.

Technology that is tried, tested and delivering growth

The case of Intermarch clearly shows how LFD can effectively enable differentiation for retailers. The technology acts as a strong tool to compete and stay ahead in the highly competitive retail environment. Applied successfully, the new in-store environment enables long-term benefits for retailers such as strengthened consumer loyalty and rising sales. According to a Samsung survey, retailers utilizing digital signage reported an average compound annual growth rate of 14.7%, the highest in the industry.

There is a variety of LFD options namely stand-alone, videowall and touch-screen, which is applicable to all business's needs. Enterprises interested in Samsung solutions or want to visit Samsung Business Solution Center (District 4, Ho Chi Minh City) can contact Samsung hotline 1 800 588 890 for more details.

Source: Samsung

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