Beowulf Blockchain provides distance-teaching platform to School of Medicine

Thursday, Aug 08, 2019 08:55

The signing ceremony between Beowulf Blockchain and Vietnam National University on a distance-teaching platform for the university’s School of Medicine in HCM City on Tuesday. — VNS Photo

Beowulf Blockchain, a full-service B2B cloud communication company, has announced that it is partnering with Vietnam National University to provide a distance-teaching platform for the university's School of Medicine.

The new partnership will provide a distance-teaching platform that can potentially scale up the training scope and allow medical students across Viet Nam access to the best medical teachers in big cities like HCM City and Ha Noi.

“This partnership is a perfect fit with our mission of providing unparalleled education quality,” said Pro Dr Dang Van Phuoc, president of the School of Medicine, Vietnam National University HCM City.

“We’re excited for the collaboration to commence, and we look forward to integrating more innovative solutions into our teaching,” he said.

According to Dr William H Nguyen, Beowulf founder, this new partnership is a testament to their ambition to making high-quality, affordable education accessible for anyone and anywhere in the world.

Beowulf Blockchain helps schools, medical institutions and companies add real-time communication capabilities such as voice/video, messaging, video conference calls, and the Quickom system, which is a QR code solution for consumers, businesses and call centers with customised privacy control.

Beowulf Blockchain also provides fast and reliable communication services to companies and individuals with zero entry barriers and low operation costs.

Among its many services, Beowulf Blockchain helps hospitals and clinics around the world build their own telehealth system where they conduct real-time video conferencing for remote consultations. Its mission is to make healthcare and education more affordable and accessible, and in the process, produce a healthier and smarter humankind.

Beowulf Blockchain was founded by Dr William H Nguyen. It was launched in the US and has attracted many investors and consumers. It has helped many hospital and clinics develop distance health-care checks and consultancies. — VNS

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