Bengal tiger cubs born at Phu Quoc safari

Thursday, Aug 04, 2016 12:17

Staff in Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc take care four new-born Bengal tiger cubs. – VNS Photo

KIEN GIANG (Biz Hub)– Four healthy Bengal tiger cubs were born in Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc, the first wildlife zoo on Phu Quoc Island in the southern province of Kien Giang, recently.

After more than 100 days of pregnancy, two female Bengal tigers gave birth to two cubs each. The first-ever cubs named Phu, Quoc, Hieu and Thao are now more than a month old and are being taken care of by doctors and staff of the safari.

Cubs Phu and Quoc try their very first steps at the safari. — VNS Photo

While one of their  fellows enjoys her snap

Cub Thao looks satisfied after her milk portion.— VNS Photo
Staff Nhat from the safari cares for the two cubs as if they were his own. — VNS Photo
The Asian Bengal tiger is one of the numerous species in the world with less than 2,500 tigers and showing a decreasing trend since 2011.

Apart from Bengal tigers, there were other new born cubs seen on the island safari this time. They included two gazelles, one Bongo, four African serval, and one grey kangaroo.

A Kangaroo mother tends to her joey in her pouch
Bongo, born at Vinpearl Safari is six months old. — VNS Photo
A five-month-old serval. — VNS Photo

In addition, an imported black swan laid eggs which were being incubated with a modern incubator and expected to hatch in 28 days.

A black swan egg is incubated at the safari — VNS Photo

According to Vingroup, after more than half a year's operation, the safari is becoming an ideal habitat for many rare animal species in the region and in the world. — VNS


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