AWS launches two edge locations in Viet Nam

Wednesday, Sep 07, 2022 12:19

Amazon Web Services Inc (AWS) has recently announced the launch of the first two AWS edge locations in Ha Noi and HCM City.

Customers in Viet Nam can expect up to a 30 per cent improvement for first byte latency for data delivered through the new edge locations that provide secure, reliable, high-performing connectivity to the rest of the AWS global network.

With these new edge locations in Viet Nam, AWS now has more than 412 points of presence globally, in 92 cities across 48 countries.

The new AWS edge location brings the full suite of benefits provided by Amazon CloudFront, a highly secure content delivery network that accelerates the delivery of data, video, applications, and application programming interfaces to users worldwide.

By caching content at edge locations in Viet Nam, Amazon CloudFront customers can benefit from improved performance, network security, and application-level protection. Amazon CloudFront also protects sensitive data at the edge with protocols, encryptions, and compliance certifications, which supplement the protection delivered through integration.

The edge locations in Viet Nam will also support AWS Global Accelerator, a service that improves the availability and performance of end users’ traffic by using AWS’s global network infrastructure.

“We are committed to expanding our infrastructure in Viet Nam in response to customer feedback, bringing new services and more advanced cloud technologies closer to our local customers,” said Conor McNamara, managing director for Amazon Web Services in ASEAN.

“Businesses of all sizes and across all industries can now enjoy the low latency and high data transfer rates provided by our first two AWS edge locations in Viet Nam. This latest announcement reinforces our commitment to the country, and we will continue to invest in local cloud infrastructure to help meet their needs.”

For over 15 years, Amazon Web Services has been the world’s comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud offering. AWS has been continually expanding its services to support virtually any cloud workload, and it now has more than 200 fully featured services. — VNS

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