4 Tips To Leverage LinkedIn For Your Recruiting Process

Friday, Sep 11, 2015 11:31

LinkedIn is more professional and business focused than other social media platforms when it comes to recruitment. However, not every recruiter knows how to use this tool in the most effective way. Below are some tips shared by professional recruiters at Navigos Search that can help employers make the most of LinkedIn.

1. Search for candidates

If you use the LinkedIn Recruiter package, you can use advanced search capabilities which are extremely valuable for sourcing candidates. Using this function, you can search for candidates by past or current employers, job titles, experience, seniority level, locations and schools, etc.

2. Reach candidates

By using the InMail function on LinkedIn, you can personally reach a candidate or request support from your network to find a qualified candidate. Take a step further and pay a fee, you can bid for the top placement in the "Jobs you may be interested in" section on the LinkedIn homepage and reach even more viable candidates.

3. Screen candidate profiles

LinkedIn provides you with the most efficient screening tool. You can see a full picture of a candidate including their resume, brief personal introduction and their endorsements that can help you with your decision.

4. Engage candidates

You can engage your candidates by creating a company profile. Remember to keep your profile updated and share information on a regular basis. You can post information about your employees and their testimonies, highlight job opportunities and post engaging content such as blog posts, articles and inspirational quotes.

Source: Navigos Search

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