VinFast announces special price policy on electric vehicles

Tuesday, Nov 06, 2018 15:00

VinFast will apply a ’Three Zero’ price policy on its electric vehicles. — Photo courtesy of Vingroup

Vinfast Manufacturing and Trading Company Limited, a subsidiary of Vietnamese conglomerate Vingroup, on Monday announced a new introductory price policy named ‘Three Zero’ for its electric vehicles.

The ‘Three Zero’ price policy includes “Zero depreciation, zero financial expense and zero interest rates” for the firm’s entire electric car and motorcycle range.

Specifically, in the initial stages, VinFast will not include depreciation costs, financial expenses (interest payable on loans for investment in plant construction) and interest rates in the products’ prices. The selling price will be the same as the production cost calculated plus the selling cost.

As for the first e-scooter model, Klara, which was launched last week, VinFast will apply special preferential rates in addition to the existing ‘Three Zero’ price policy. The maximum incentive level is up to 40 per cent of the product cost based on the ‘Three Zero’ principle.

Accordingly, the price for the Klara bike with a lithium-ion battery is VND57 million (US$2,439) and for the lead-acid battery version is VND34 million.

When applying special preferential policies, the price for the Klara e-scooter version with a lithium-ion battery is VND35 million per unit for the first batch and VND39.9 million for the second batch of scooters.

The prices for Klara using a lead-acid battery are VND21 million for the first batch and VND25 million for the second batch.

At the end of the special policy period, prices of VinFast Klara will be adjusted to ‘Three Zero’ rates.

"With the ‘Three Zero’ price policy, VinFast wants to give customers the opportunity to experience world-class products in Viet Nam. Especially, with the electric motorcycles, VinFast is willing to take losses up to 40 per cent in the first phase so that many consumers can reach the products, contributing to build habits of using vehicles safely, eliminating emissions and minimising noise, as well as protecting the environment of the community,” said Vingroup’s general director Nguyen Viet Quang.

In addition to focusing on building high standards of quality and outstanding features, VinFast also focuses on investing in the nationwide infrastructure for electric vehicles. In the future, there will be enough services such as battery chargers, battery rental, warranty and vehicle maintenance to support the circulation of VinFast’s electric products. — VNS

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