Viet Nam is the No.1 fastest growing Asia Mercedes-Benz market

Thursday, Jan 23, 2014 17:41

Viet Nam is the No.1 fastest growing market of Mercedes-Benz in Asia. — Photo

HCM CITY (Biz Hub) — Mercedes-Benz ended 2013 with record global sales never been reported in history – 1,461,680 units. This is the third year Mercedes-Benz has continuously set the new global sales records.

In the US – a "battlefield" of luxury brands, Mercedes-Benz bypassed its competitors to become the best-selling premium brand with total sales of 312,534 cars, increasing 14 per cent compared with 2012. By now, Mercedes-Benz has introduced the widest and youngest product line-ups since 2009. This is one of the significant elements contributing to the success of the three-pointed star.

During the two months November and December of 2013, production sites of Mercedes-Benz all over the world ran at full capacity. Meanwhile, the new S-Class production lead-time at Sindelfingen is up to six months for certain color combinations. The S-Class production line runs in its peak capacity manufacturing up to 460 cars per day. The brand's flagship followed its predecessor as the best-selling luxury sedan the world.

In Viet Nam, Mercedes-Benz achieved the year-over-year growth of +65 per cent, three times higher than the average in the market. Viet Nam is the No.1 fastest growing market of Mercedes-Benz in Asia. This growth reflects a strong revival from a tough 2012 by introducing eight new products and reinforcing customer focus strategy.

In the beginning of 2013, Mercedes-Benz was the only one to publicize its commitments to the market. The brand walked the talk, even two months sooner than expected by launching the youthful A-Class, the ‘Clean Power' GLK diesel engine, opening the Zircobond electro-dipping coating facility, increasing parts waranty period to two years, etc. — VNS

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