30 Vinschool scholarships for summer camp in UK


University of Cambridge, one of the world’s leading universities.

Following the success of VinCamp 2016 in the United States, 30 students who perform the best learning projects at the VinCamp 2017 competition will get 100 per cent scholarship to cover the cost of attending a 10-day international summer camp in the United Kingdom this July, a golden opportunity for students of Vinschool Education System.

At the summer camp, students of the Vinschool Education System (Vinser) will participate in many exchange activities, learn international integration skills and get to observe the mannerisms of citizens from other countries.

Moreover, students visiting the UK will be able to experience and explore the country, its culture and its education system first-hand. They will get to see world-famous sites such as the University of Cambridge, Big Ben clock tower, Buckingham Palace, Harry Porter movie studio, London Eye, Shakespeare museum and take a tour of the Thames River.

The Big Ben clock tower, one of London’s most beautiful landmarks.

VinCamp is an annual summer camp hosted by Vinschool, a member of Vingroup, for students of the Vinschool Education System, aged between 10 and 17 years.

Themed ‘Active Learning — Student Leadership’, Vincamp 2017 has received positive responses from students and 140 projects have been registered.

The competition has a wide variety of content and outstanding quality, reflecting the Vinschool Education System’s comprehensive vision and insight into learning as well as practical matters.

The best participants of Vincamp 2016 competition in the US.

The highlight of the registered subjects is that it will pay attention to improving learning efficiency by combining subjects to create exciting styles of study, develop study abroad clubs, and equip students with essential life skills such as survival skills, conflict resolution and emotional control.

A Vinschool Education System student talks about his project at Vincamp 2016.

At the VinCamp 2017 competition, participants will take a group test, instead of individual examination, to better their skills for teamwork. Organisers will also evaluate the performance of the projects, instead of just holding a contest, so as to encourage students to do projects that are practical and have widespread potential in the community.

Additionally, to meet the requirements of international integration, all documents and reports on implementation results and videos of project summaries must be in English.

Vinschool’s rector Phan Anh said that through the VinCamp programme, Vinschool aspires to motivate and empower students with self-directed learning, enable them to build strong knowledge and skills to adapt to changes, and be ready to integrate into the world.

About VinCamp

VinCamp is an annual summer camp held by the Vinschool Education System and dedicated to Vinschool students to help motivate “young citizens” and nurture confidence so they can change themselves, change the community, and spread the spirit of active, responsible living, and become global citizens.

In 2015, VinCamp was held for the first time, and its theme was “Small Ages Think Big - Act for a Better Life”. In 2016, VinCamp was held in the US and was themed “Việt Nam’s Pride - Integration into the World”.  Vinschool took 30 of the best students to an international summer camp in the US.

For more information on VinCamp 2017, visit www.vincamp.vinschool.com