Paralysed man makes fresh start


Inside a rented room in hamlet 2, Thiện Hưng Commune, Bù Đốp District, southern Bình Phước Province, Nguyễn Minh Hiếu has no valuable assets, just two rickety beds, an old speaker and a wheelchair to travel from place to place so that he can sing in public to make a living. However, the 36-year-old man’s eyes still shine with endless hope because Hiếu has been given a fresh lease of life following a humanitarian surgery performed by doctors of Vinmec Central Park.

Ten year ago, Nguyễn Minh Hiếu was hit by a large tree that fell, which broke his backbone. Forced to sell his house for medical treatment, his life was saved, however, his legs were completely paralyzed. Hiếu was very disappointed because his wife left him after the accident. He, however, overcame difficulties, and used a self-made tricycle to transport goods to make money for a living and raised his son who was at the age of puberty.

Hiếu had to amputate a leg because his paralysed legs were broken due to several falls, while his buttocks became ulcerated and suffered from necrosis. In April 2017, his health condition became more serious since the condition of his remaining leg worsened and his urine leaked from the bladder to the hipbone area. For every activity, he had to rely on his son. Short of money, and exhausted, Hiếu thought of taking his own life.

It was then that Bù Đốp District’s Red Cross society introduced Hiếu to the Thiện Tâm Fund (Vingroup) to receive free treatment at Vinmec Central International Hospital in HCM City.

Hiếu was hospitalised for severe exhaustion and serious infection. Vinmec Central Park Hospital doctors organised a quick consultation and performed surgery to amputate the broken legs, reshape the urethra, bladder and heal the necrotic lesions.

Photo caption 1: On behalf of Thiện Tâm Fund, Vinmec Central Park Hospital presents an automatic wheelchair to Hiếu.

Hiếu recovered and was discharged from the hospital following two months in a special care programme to improve his health condition. The Thiện Tâm Fund also donated an automatic wheelchair to help him move easier.

His son couldn't hold back his tears when he saw his father in a wheelchair moving around the house. At 17, Hiếu's son was his sole support during these difficult days.

Caption 2: Hiếu is very excited upon being discharged from Vinmec Central Park Hospital

"I thought I was dead. I was resurrected thanks to outstanding support from Bù Đốp District’s Red Cross, Thiện Tâm Fund and doctors at Vinmec Central Park Hospital. In the coming few days, I can return to work again", Hiếu said.

From 2016 to date, with support of Thiện Tâm Fund, Vinmec hospitals have performed surgery, successfully treated and contributed to improving the lives of more than 1,000 disadvantaged patients living in all corners of the country. The fund is currently supporting patients in various treatment fields, including cancer, heart, organ and tissue, stem cell transplants, urology surgery, orthopedic surgery - gastrointestinal, electrophoresis interventions. Patients can find more information about the programme via hotline: 0934651926 or email: