VinMart+ sets record by opening over 100 stores
in a month

VinMart+ continues to make a breakthrough in the retail segment, launching more than 100 stores in 11 cities in December 2017. On average, more than three VinMart+ stores opened each day.

In December 2017, VinMart+ appeared in a number of provinces and cities from north to south Việt Nam, such as Phú Thọ, Hải Phòng, Hải Dương and Hạ Long, as well as Uông Bí, Thái Bình, Nha Trang, Bình Dương and Cần Thơ. Most recently, Vũng Tàu launched 15 VinMart+ stores in one day.

More than 100 VinMart+ stores were launched in December 2017

The appearance of VinMart+ always makes a good impression on residents

All of the stores are located prominently in crowded residential neighbourhoods with distinct identities and are open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm every day.

VinMart + is among the top two shopping destinations for Vietnamese consumers
Many foreigners also choose VinMart + as their daily shopping destination

Each VinMart+ store is designed based on the shopping needs of the local community, from the shop area and the way the products are displayed, to the items on sale. With strict control procedures at VinMart+, the products are guaranteed in terms of quality and origin, making customers feel at ease while shopping.

One of the most impressive things at VinMart + is the variety of fresh vegetables and fruits with clear origin.

In particular, VinMart+ distributes three separate brands that are favoured by consumers -- VinEco clean vegetables meeting VietGAP standards, VinMart Cook’s fresh and processed food products with food safety ensured and VinMart Home's cosmetics and household appliances that are user-friendly and safe.

VinEco's agricultural products as well as other types of fresh foods available at VinMart + are appreciated and trusted by customers.

The chain of 1,000 VinMart+ stores also provide customers a series of new utilities, such as monthly electricity payment, SIM card services with Mobifone and the service of going to the market to buy food for families with less time.

VinMart+ has thousands of items, meeting all the needs of consumers and their requirements for home meals

With the advantages of location, quality of service, variety of utilities, and especially the quality assurance -- safe and fresh food -- the VinMart+ system helps consumers get into the habit of buying daily food and household utensils at convenience stores. VinMart+'s efforts have been recognised by consumers and other prestigious organisations as VinMart+ is among the top two retailers according to consumers and among the top 10 prestigious retailers according to Việt Nam Report.

During the Lunar New Year, VinMart+ keeps adding necessary items to meet consumers' shopping demand and offers attractive incentive programmes. VinMart+ has launched the promotional programme “Gift Basket 2018,” priced from only VNĐ299,000 (US$13.11), with gifts bringing luck and fortune. Notably, VinMart+’s “Delicious food service in Tet holiday" is an opportunity to experience a happy holiday for busy families by offering traditional Tet dishes such as Chưng cake, assorted vegetables, fried dishes and soup cooked by professional chefs of VinMart Cook. People who purchase products during this period also have the opportunity to participate in many promotions and lucky gifts.