Viettel returns low bandwidth to MIC

Saturday, Aug 09, 2014 12:07

450 MHz bandwidth will be returned to the Ministry of Information and Communication. —  Photo
HA NOI (Biz Hub)  — Viettel corporation has decided to return a 450 MHz bandwidth, previously used by EVN Telecom, to the Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) for them to manage.

This is a low frequency with too much interference that had caused too many problems for EVN Telecom previously, according to Doan Quang Hoan, Director of Radio Frequency under MIC, reports ICTnews online.

After Viettel returned this low frequency to the MIC, Hoan said the ministry should undertake a study on how to reuse this frequency to avoid waste. However, telecom experts said it was difficult to reuse this low frequency, and that's why Viettel had returned it to the ministry.

Experts said a few countries now use this kind of bandwidth to provide mobile services because of its low economic value.

In 2011 the 450MHz bandwidth for EVN Telecom had been handed over to Viettel under instructions from the Prime Minister.

From December 28, 2011, Viettel had begun shifting all numbers of EVN Telecom subscribers to the Viettel network and officially abolished CDMA at the 450 MHZ low frequency used by EVN Telecom previously.

Earlier, EVN Telecom managers had repeatedly complained about the poor quality of the 450MHz bandwidth.

In some provinces, Viettel corporation's mobile phone network was often either paralysed or hit by severe interference. The interference had also resulted in very poor service quality for EVN Telecom network users particularly in rural areas. Thereafter, EVN Telecom mostly diverted its network services by using fixed wireless services in rural areas.

EVN Telecom's mobile network was always paralysed in Ha Tay Province because of the interference by the nearby Ha Tay Television station. It had to invest in developing a new system to end the interference. — VNS

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