Pirate PC software remains rife despite legislation

Wednesday, Jun 13, 2018 08:23

Sheryl Lee, counsel of BSA Asia - Pacific, speaks at the meeting. — VNS Photo

Seventy-four per cent of software installed on computers in Viet Nam is unlicensed.

BSA – The Software Alliance released its “2018 Global Software Survey: Software Management: Security Imperative, Business Opportunity Across the Globe” in Ha Noi on Tuesday.

The commercial value of unlicensed software in Viet Nam had fallen from US$598 million in 2015 to $492 million in 2017, said Sheryl Lee from BSA Asia - Pacific.

“However, there is still space for improvement, given that Viet Nam has one of the highest rates among the countries surveyed in ASEAN,” noted Lee.

The survey quantifies the volume and value of unlicensed software installed on personal computers in more than 110 countries and regions, and includes nearly 23,000 responses from consumers, employees, and CIOs in those areas.

To reduce the risk of cyber attacks and boost their bottom line, businesses in Viet Nam should assess the software on their networks and eliminate unlicensed software, the report said.

Security worries over the use of unlicensed software have driven a number of consumers and businesses to obtain legitimate versions of at least security software.

“Organisations around the world are missing out on the economic and security benefits that well-managed software provides,” said Victoria Espinel, BSA president and CEO.

“Businesses should establish software asset management (SAM) programmes to evaluate the software on their networks, which in turn reduces the risk of debilitating cyber attacks and helps grow their revenues,” she said.

Pham Cao Thai, chief inspector of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said the decreasing rate of unlicensed software in Viet Nam was due to of the country’s implementation of intellectual property and anti-piracy software laws.

The reduction of software piracy showed that Viet Nam was implementing its commitments to international trade agreements, which was helping with the country’s international integration, he said. — VNS

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