A logo design contest will be launched on November 5 to find a logo for the Đà Nẵng International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) 2017, Asia’s biggest and most impressive fireworks festival.


The contest is being organised by the DIFF 2017’s organisation board and the municipal department of culture and sports in coordination with two sponsors, FPT Area and The contest aims to find an aesthetically pleasing and suitable logo, which will be used in DIFF 2017’s promotional activities.


The contest will be a challenging playfield for painters, sculptors, designers, design firms and even amateurs. The logo must include the words ‘DIFF 2017’, which is the name of the festival, and the supplementary phase, ‘Danang International Fireworks Festival’. It must be submitted in both colour-positive and colour-negative copies in different sizes as required by the DIFF 2017’s organisation board.


The logo must not be similar to any other domestic and international logos and can be registered for intellectual property rights.


Logos sent to the contest must represent the symbolic values of DIFF 2017, such as solidarity, the spirit of cultural exchange between participating nations, the spirit of international integration and development of Đà Nẵng.


Contestants can send different entries, with each entry consisting of three files. One file should be of the logo designed with computer software in vector file, like the sample shared by oganisation board, in .pdf and .jpg (150dpi) formats, and named after the author’s name and ID card number (For example: NGUYEN VAN A 012480396.pdf/.jpg). The second file must be the registration form in .doc format, again named after the author’s name and ID card number, which includes personal information, and the third, a brief on the design idea (less than 150 words) in a form provided by the organisation board, attached with the author’s portfolio (if any). Submissions must not be signed or have any symbols other than the logo and must be sent to the email address:


Submissions will be accepted from November 5 to 25. Contest entries will be evaluated with fairness and objectivity by the Evaluation Council from December 2 to 4 and people can vote on the contest’s fan page from November 26 to December 2.


The first prize winner will get VNĐ30 million, whilethe second prize winner will get VNĐ10 million. There will also be one voting price of VNĐ10 million, one prize for creativity, which will be a Graphic Suite Scholarship worth VNĐ17 million. Fifty entries that reach the final round will be awarded 100 vouchers of Fansipan Legend (worth VNĐ600,000 per voucher). The winners will be announced on December 5.



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