Sa Pa looks like a picturesque valley of roses in May


While people on the Internet are busy taking photos and “checking in” on the colourful mural streets of the city, many people prefer Sa Pa to capture the beautiful roses.

People who come to Sa Pa around this time are surprised to see the house here. They feel the roads and the houses are both strangely familiar covered in hundreds of lovely roses.

Along the Nguyễn Chí Thanh and Thác Bạc streets in the town centre, roses bloom in front of the houses, on the roof tiles, arches and fences. Travelling around the town, visitors get lost in the rose land.

Few people know the large new garden, which is full of colours with varieties of flowers flourishing at the foot of Mount Fansipan, within the Sun World Fansipan Legend Resort.

In the Clock Tower area, right at the entrance to the cable car gate, a whole sky of roses blooms, hugging visitors from the first step.

At the back of the Northwest market on the way to the station, a garden of roses with more than 300 roots is blooming with big flowers, giving female tourists the feeling of being lost in a rose paradise in Bulgaria.

Lovers roam hand in hand cherishing the moment as they get lost in the rose garden.

Sa Pa’s ancient flowers are especially precious with flower lovers. In the residential area, several rose roots are worth hundreds of millions of Việt Nam đồng. Particularly in Fansipan, the Sa Pa rose gardens draw the participation of over 300 roots, which are being looked after carefully to ensure continuous blooming throughout the season.

In addition to the ancient types of roses, the resort also has more than 50 special types of roses such as forest roses, red roses, white roses and pink roses.

The conditions here are suitable for the growth of many varieties from foreign countries such as Golden Celebration, Vineyard Song and Red Eden. Coming to Fansipan, visitors enjoy watching the roses and do not want to return home soon.