VinMart & VinMart+ target 200 supermarkets
and 4,000 stores by 2020


Retail chain VinMart & VinMart+ targets to introduce 200 supermarkets and 4,000 stores in the

country by 2020.

This was announced at the Supplier Conference held by Vincommerce at the Almaz International Cuisine and Convention Centre in mid-January.

The conference aimed at strengthening cooperation with Vinmart’s strategic partners. Nearly 400 guests, representing more than 200 domestic and international suppliers, participated at the event. The conference theme was “Successful Cooperation --- Sustainable Development.”

Representatives of domestic and international suppliers attend the conference for suppliers

According to Thái Thị Thanh Hải, general director of the Vincommerce General Commercial Services Joint Stock Company group and owner of VinMart & VinMart+, as of December 31, 2017, VinMart & VinMart+ had 65 supermarkets and more than 1,000 convenience stores in 26 provinces and cities across Việt Nam, making it the largest retail chain in the country.

The supplier conference was titled “Successful Cooperation --- Sustainable Development”

Since its three years in operation, the retail system has developed diversely, including supermarkets with large area which are concentrated in modern shopping centres with convenient transportation, and convenient store chains distributed among densely populated neighbourhoods, offering safe and convenient shopping to consumers in Việt Nam. Besides the large scale of operation, the quality of services of both VinMart & VinMart+ has had a spectacular development, with a high-quality control process and clear mention of the goods’ origin. VinMart & VinMart+ retail chain also provides a wide range of utilities across Việt Nam.

Vegetable products with clear origins are sold in VinMart & VinMart+ system

As a result, VinMart & VinMart+ retail system was voted the top two retailers assessed by consumers in 2017 and was listed among the top 10 prestigious retailers, according to Việt Nam Report.

High quality fruits and vegetable products are sold in VinMart+ convenient store

VinMart & VinMart+ also contributed to VinCommerce’s19th rank among the top 50 most valuable brands in Việt Nam for two consecutive years in 2016 and 2017, according to the brand rankings published by Brand Finance.

VinMart & VinMart+ will continue to accelerate development to achieve the target of 2020. “The tremendous growth of VinMart & VinMart+ today can be attributed to the significant contribution of major suppliers. Therefore, in the next breakthrough development phase, our top priority will be to build strategic partnerships with key suppliers while optimising supply chain efficiencies,” Hải said.

Consumers purchase agricultural products in VinMart supermarket

On behalf of Hữu Nghị Food Joint Stock Company, one of the suppliers to VinMart & VinMart+, head of Modern Trade sales channel Nguyễn Minh Đức, said, “The cooperation with VinCommerce is a role model for the relationship between suppliers and distributors on the basis of WIN-WIN mechanism. VinMart & VinMart+ have supported suppliers in growing sales and provided many effective marketing programmes. VinCommerce’s support policies for domestic suppliers in particular are very practical as they help Vietnamese consumers enjoy high-quality domestic products.”

VinMart & VinMart+ will meet directly with suppliers to develop concrete action plans in the new strategic phase. The company significantly focuses on strict control in all stages of the supply chain to ensure the most important target: becoming a “safe shopping destination” for all customers.