What makes NovaWorld real estate attract investors’ attention?

Tuesday, Nov 08, 2022 14:49

NovaWorld’s three principles of real connection, real value and real profitability make its tourism urban real estate products such as NovaWorld Ho Tram and NovaWorld Phan Thiet attract investors though the market seems to be stalling somewhat.

Real estate remains the best asset class

According to a report titled Financial Investment Strategy for a Prosperous Future by Dragon Capital, the most popular asset classes in Viet Nam are stocks, real estate, bonds, bank deposits, gold, and US dollars.

Gold and US dollars provide the least returns at an average of only 2.2-9 per cent per year in the last 21 years.

Due to the volatility in the last decade, the returns from them even went down to 0.9-1.7% a year.

Bank deposits are a little better at around 8 per cent per year, but they tend to decrease gradually due to the credit squeeze policy.

In the event stocks and real estate have been the two most attractive assets with statistical returns of 12.1-19.2% a year over the last 5 years.

Many customers and investors take part in the Best Deal event at Novaland Gallery.

However, many investors have withdrawn from the stock market in recent months, especially after the VN-Index went below 1,000 points on October 24.

As a result real estate has become the main choice for investors who want to keep theirassets safe and avoid inflation risks. Their concern now is to find a project with stable profitability and a guarantee of safety.

Three values that ensure safe investment of NovaWorld’s real estate

In these circumstances, Novaland’s tourism urban real estate projects under its NovaWorld brand (such as NovaWorld Ho Tram NovaWorld Phan Thiet) attract investors thanks to their prime location, large scale and high-class utilities.

The projects are developed by one of the leading companies in the Vietnamese real estate market.

NovaWorld products are high-yield and safe investments that have won investors’ trust through three “real” values:

Real connection

With its vision as a leading company, Novaland has always done comprehensive research and evaluation to ensure its projects to go in parallel and are synchronised with the development of transport infrastructure in the particular area.

NovaWorld Phan Thiet is one such. Infrastructure is about to be completed at the same time as utility services and product handover at the 1,000ha mega-city. To be more specific, the key Dau Giay - Phan Thiet highway will be completed by the end of 2022. Long Thanh international airport is on track to be completed in 2025.

Formed city

While many projects have been on sale for many years with only basic infrastructure in place, NovaWorld projects get the thumbs-up from the most hard-minded investors since many of its housing subdivisions have been delivered in time.

NovaWorld Ho Tram’s on-schedule construction makes buyers confident about their investment.

NovaWorld Ho Tram has impressed investors with its progress. Since late 2021, hundreds of beach villas and shophouses have been handed over to investors in time with the quality exactly as committed.

In addition, leading entertainment facilities such as a saltwater Ocean Pool, the Tropicana Park amusement area, restaurants, and shopping boulevards were opened at the beginning of 2022 and welcome thousands of visitors every week.

Real profit, seen right after making investment decision

Real estate investment for rental purposes has been investors’ choice in recent years thanks to its "double profit". Investors not only benefit from the profitability of their property over time, but also earn a stable monthly profit from leasing or doing other businesses.

With its diverse offerings including beach villas, shophouses and boutique shoptels, NovaWorld's products meet customers’ varying needs.

Investors can rent out their real estate or self-manage their business at NovaWorld Ho Tram and NovaWorld Phan Thiet, which are expected to attract five million visitors a year.

NovaWorld’s tourism urban real estate products promise sustainable profits to buyers.

NovaWorld projects are located in beautiful coastal areas that are warm and sunny all year round. It is easy to travel to HCM City, the country’s largest city.

NovaWorld projects’ potential for appreciation can be seen through the large number of visitors they attract and the utility system which has been put into operation.

The most difficult investors are likely to be convinced by the obvious profitability soon after receiving their apartment.

The safe investment policy of Novaland is a plus. The group is committed to subleasing buyers’ apartments for up to 36 months.

In the difficult and quiet period in the market, experts recommend that investors should scour for safe products.

Investors' caution means only some quality projects, developed by reputed companies with outstanding records, can attract their attention.

Mauro Gasparotti, director of Savills Hotels Asia – Pacific, said in a recent post: “I believe that the market will recover in the next two years. But, the issue is who will win.

“In my opinion, projects with products and services that meet the needs of customers and ensure their quality will hold the winning hand.”

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