The Grand Manhattan – prime location in District 1

Friday, Oct 14, 2022 19:00

Situated in a unique location at the heart of District 1, The Grand Manhattan is considered a symbol of Sài Gòn’s new era, and has attracted the attention of many local and international investors.

The downtown area has been in the list of property investors and customers from every corner of the world. The attraction of these real estate products can be seen in a ranking of the world’s most expensive cities for housing released by Savills in March.

International-standard five-star Avani SaigonHotel inside The Grand Manhattan.

Value of real estate in heart of city

The top 10 in the rankings are major cities that are economic and financial centres such as Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo, Geneva, Shanghai, and London.

These names are not surprising because their central position guarantees their potential for sustainable price increases.

The sleepless US city of New York – the global hub of fashion, arts, finance, and IT -- is a prime example.

Curbed, a digital publication focused on real estate and urban development, released in 2020 a list of 25 most expensive condos in New York of which the cheapest was US$46.5 million.

The common aspect of these million-dollar condos is that they are in key high-rise buildings in a prime location -- the borough of Manhattan -- that offer panoramic views of New York’s landmarks such as Central Park and the Hudson River.

From these skyscrapers, residents can easily access various amenities, cultural places and constructions which are symbols of prosperity of the so-called “city that never sleeps.”

Its position as a leading international financial centre has made Hong Kong’s real estate the second most expensive in the world with an average price of US$47,257/m2.

Between March 2021 and January 2022 real estate companies in Shanghai offered for sale almost 82,000 new apartments at a record price in three recent years.

But supply could not meet demand.

According to Business Insider, the exclusive advantage of location is the main reason explaining why value of these special real estate products keep increasing.

The buildings with their tremendous location, beautiful views and amenities are not easy to find.

When talking about Viet Nam, HCM City cannot be ignored.

Already the country’s economic and financial hub, the city plans to become the same for Asia by 2045.

It will develop sustainably and be an attractive global destination. These conditions make high-end real estate in the heart of District 1 more valuable and expensive.

Some investors in HCM City say District 1 has been virtually run out of land. If someone wants to buy land in the centre of District 1, they have to shell outVND1.5 billion, and even VND3 billion in some places, per square metre.

But despite this, it is not easy to find any land to buy.

The Grand Manhattan is in a golden location in the heart of District 1.

Situated at the beating heart of District 1 centre with facades on the two prime streets of Co Giang and Co Bac, The Grand Manhattan is a high-end real estate project that comes with a five-star hotel built by Novaland Group.

Since its launch, The Grand Manhattan has made a strong impression with its prime location and high-class living space.

Trappings of privilege

The Grand Manhattan is inspired by the modern and dynamic lifestyle of New York’s Manhattan, the world busiest financial centre.

The project, from its design to the first brick that was laid for construction, has been built based on an aesthetic vision and a goal of achieving high-class living standards in the core of District 1.

This complex of luxury condos and luxury hotel is expected to become one of the city’s iconic properties like the Bitexco and Vietcombank buildings and various five- and six-star hotels.

These landmarks are well integrated and in hamony with Saigon’s bold culture and surounding heritage buildings such as Notre-Dame Cathedral, Ben Thanh Market, Opera House, and Nguyen Hue pedestians-only street…

As a real estate product in the luxury segment, The Grand Manhattan also impresses the market with its exclusive amenities that provide a high-end living experience to residents.

These include the international five-star Avani SaigonHotel and the NovaGroup’s amenity and utility ecosystem such as health-care service, entertainment and fine cuisine supplied by Nova Market Premium, Phindeli Premium and Sushi Tei Premium…

The international standard of living at the project is evidenced by the high-class amenities such as multi-layer security system, designated car parking, 4,200sq.m internal park, infinity swimming pool, and a a number of gyms and spas…

The Grand Manhattan is home to a slew of high-class amenities and utilities.

Actress Truong Ngoc Anh, who owns a condo at the project, says: “The Grand Manhattan is a place to live, experience and nurture my feelings and emotion.

“At The Grand Manhattan, the owners come back home but feel like they are stepping into a luxury hotel, relaxing in a green peaceful space and enjoying a perfectly comfortable living lifestyle.

“The Grand Manhattan is a symbol of the owners’ success and pride ".

Actress Truong Ngoc Anh has bought a luxury condo in The Grand Manhattan.

The Grand Manhattan - The Imprint of Pride in Central District 1

Hotline: 1900 636666


Address: No 100 Co Giang St, District 1, HCM City

Preferential policies for owners of The Grand Manhattan:

* Commitment to pay rental of up to $3,000/month for 36 months;

* Easy ownership by paying only 40% over nearly 6 years;

* Complimentary 5-star resort stay for 5 years or membership of PGA Golf Course;

* Privilege of owning a car parking spot in the centre of District 1.

(*) Applies with conditions

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