Profits assured for Metro Star’s housing buyers despite market uncertainty

Sunday, Dec 11, 2022 14:15

Metro Star is a value project that offers outstanding and reliable advantages.

CT Group’s prominent urban complex, Metro Star, situated in a prime location in HCM City close to metro line No. 1, is a highly recommended property for real estate investors and considered a bright spot in an otherwise bleak market.

Under pressure from vigorous market differentiation, real estate remains a secure investment for idle money. That means prudent investors always know where to place their cash regardless of the market situation.

Savvy investors obviously always choose trustworthy providers to preclude risks of any kind.

But in reality, only projects in prime locations that are built meticulously by outstanding developers to current trends and capable of meeting the actual requirements of the market can possibly assure investor profits.

Despite market uncertainties and fluctuations, CT Group proudly stands out as a reliable real estate developer without a record of floating bonds or indulging in stock or property price gouging.

Therefore, experts view the company’s property products as secure for home buyers. All its customers have achieved 100 per cent profits and benefited from remarkable liquidity.

Metro Star has got a great deal of attention from investors and home buyers.

With a golden location on Ha Noi Highway and opposite the proposed Truong Tho central business district in Thu Duc, the project benefits directly from urban infrastructure and promises all the excitement related to urban development.

It will have a pedestrian bridge going directly to station No. 10 on metro line No. 1 (Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien), and inarguably benefit from the high volume of travellers projected at over 250,000 people daily.

Metro line No.1 is around 93 per cent complete, and work on station No. 10 is being speeded up for completion by 2023.

Metro Star will offer genuine value generated by its own first-rate and consistent advantages.

It meets international construction standards and all legal and documentation requirements, and offers an efficient payment process and its building quality guaranteed by Apave Group.

Guaranteeing rising profits for customers

Since they debuted, Metro Star’s shophouses have sparked a fresh boom in the real estate market.

Inspired by the model of Myeongdong Street in South Korea, the project's shopping street will be the first of its kind in Viet Nam, and offer Saigonese a classy shopping space comprising the world’s top fashion, cosmetic, jewellery, entertainment, and culinary brands.

Event ‘Diamond Piggy Bank – Wealth Accumulation Journey’ with safe investment policies.

Rows of shop houses in zig zag style around the base of the two towers will bring a state-of-the-art experience to tourists and customers, and help owners make significant and sustained profits.

Their prime location in a densely populated neighbourhood with a large number of passers-by guarantees that the shophouses’ prices will rise speedily.

The fair proportion of shophouses, at just 2-3 per cent of the total number of units in the complex, will translate into great efficiency for investors.

With the limited number of units, the shophouses will cover the residential concentration of the Truong Tho CBD and passengers on Metro Line No. 1.

Metro Star is expected to get a massive flow of passengers from the metro line, which will greatly benefit investors in the shophouses.

Metro Star, a great opportunity for investors who are seeking a safe haven for idle cash.

Inspired by well-known shopping paradises like Myeongdong in South Korea and Ginza in Japan, which are both adjacent to metro stations, Metro Star’s shophouses will offer the same advantages and comparable features.

Metro Star will be a lucrative investment when the city’s first metro starts operating.

CT Group is now boosting sales at Metro Star with attractive policies such as the ‘Piggy Diamond - Journey of Accumulation’ event that offers buyers great financial support, for instance with loans of 70 per cent with zero per cent interest for up to 18 months and early repayment without penalty, commitment to buy back units at a 22 per cent premium after two years, and lease out with a guaranteed 10 per cent annual return.

Metro Star

Address: 360 Ha Noi Highway, Phuoc Long A Ward, Thu Duc city, HCM City

Hotline: 0907 896 565



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