Planning, security make apartments at Saigon South Residences highly desirable

Wednesday, Apr 19, 2017 14:30

Good planning and affordable prices are the two main features that make Phu My Hung Development Corporation’s Saigon South Residences attractive to investors.

Experts said in fact the project is unique in offering the two factors to customers.

Thanks to that, since its launch last year around 1,500 condos have been sold in the project over four phases of sales.

The smart planning at Saigon South Residences is clear through the way the developer combines all outstanding individual functions and amenities into one project.

Of the total area of 3.2ha, the developer has earmarked 69 per cent for open spaces with gardens and 69 amenities that have not been provided at any other Phu My Hung project.

Phu My Hung believes that by developing large open spaces, the project is able to benefit from fresh air from all directions.

The towers in the projects, with varying heights created by 2, 19 and 29 floors are in a U-shape and ensures that all condos have two views.

Thanks to this design, the condos can also get fresh air and light, helping residents save on power.

Phu My Hung plans to develop a commercial area, relaxation area, sport club, living-skill classes, playing yard and camping area so that residents can enjoy a ‘vacation’ without going anywhere.

There will be amenities to meet the needs of everyone living there, whether children, grown-ups or seniors. Both people with an active lifestyle and loving a quiet life can find a place to enjoy at the project.

For the active ones, there are BBQ and picnic areas to organise parties with their friends and relatives or neighbors during the weekend or on special occasions

Families can also camp out to enjoy fresh air without having to go far away to a rural place.

Children will have many fun facilities in the outside playing yards including a climbing wall. Playing outside brings children better health and gives them a chance to become more innovative, confident and self-controlled.

People who love quiet can read, talk to others or meditate on landscape hills, a sculpture garden, a four-season garden, etc.

They can also retire to the library or yoga room for peace and quiet.

People who love shopping and look for beauty services will find it very convenient: Many shops and food and beverage outlets will be set up in the commercial areas in the first and second floors of each tower.

Despite the good planning, the prices of the condos are affordable, at around VND2 billion, with an additional benefit in the form of interest-free loans from banks.

Good security

In addition to good planning and affordable prices, security is another important factor that persuades customers to part with their money to buy an apartment in Saigon South Residences.

When developing the project, Phu My Hung Development Corporation zeroed in on many buyer needs and developed many amenities.

To respond in time to sudden security incidents in any area, the company plans to set up a comprehensive security system.

It plans to develop a lobby system, and so people who are not residents and come just to shop cannot access the inner project.

Next will be a green barrier of trees which will be 3m tall. There will be only two entrances that will be manned by security personnel 24/7.

In every building, residents will get all kinds of assistance from the reception staff.

Only people who possess the magnetic cards or are authorised through their finger prints can use the escalators.

Cameras will be installed in all public areas in the buildings.

Phu My Hung said it would ensure that all residents are safe when they are at home because it would have in place a robust security team with modern equipment.

Visitors will be properly guided by security at all gates. After a quick security check, they will be told how to reach the apartment they want to visit.

The project’s next and final phase of sales will be on April 22 when units in block D will be sold.

Block D is the last chance for customer to buy a house with Phu My Hung's stadards at an affordable price. Buying condos at the project, customers will receive banking loans with no interest.

The project is expected to bring high value-addition to customers since it is situated in a place where lots of infrastructure construction is planned for completion by 2019 when units in Saigon South Residences will also be handed over.

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