Phu My Hungs Spring Flower Festival

Tuesday, Feb 06, 2018 09:51

Life along river will be the theme of the 2018 Phu My Hung Spring Flower Festival to be organised by the Phu My Hung Development Corporation for Lunar New Year.

Dubbed “River in Spring”, the festival will open from Feb 8 to Feb 20 and the Opening Ceremony will be on Feb 9 at the main stage on the surface of Crescent Lake featuring many traditional performances.

Phu My Hung Development Corporation said the festival this year has been inspired by the culture and features of Nha Be waterfront and the south of HCM City where its Phu My Hung City Centre is situated.

On an area of 7ha on the Crescent Lake, the festival will re-create life on rivers, especially olden days in the Nha Be County.

The company said there are many advantages that would help achieve this inspiring concept because the Phu My Hung City Centre is situated on the waterfront of ancient Nha Be, which is surrounded by many rivers and has many natural ponds.

The festival this year will be divided intro four parts called Spring Road, Spring Wharf, Spring Garden and Spring Contribution.

Nha Be will feature in Spring Wharf.

In this area, artists will install raft houses, boats and barges to re-create the story of Thu Hoang, a person who built rafts to create a station for passing traders. That was also the origin of the Nha Be area.

On Spring Road, water coconut trees will be restored so that the visitors can roll up their trouser legs and wade through the water like natives did at the time of reclaiming land and building hamlets.

Also on this road, many stilt houses and trees related to the souths riverine areas will be restored.

Walking on Spring Road, visitors can enjoy the amazing Rain Garden, a beautiful and romantic work of creativity.

Visitors can take an umbrella and walk in the rain to enjoy the spring feeling and take photos.

There will also be rain trees designed with rising water and a system of water troughs with connecting bamboo tubes simulates the way water is distributed by mountainous peoples.

Unlike previous years this year the Spring Garden will not be in an isolated area but will be connected to Spring Road through Starlight Bridge.

At the Spring Garden this year many mock-ups of dogs will be installed in honour of the animal representing the new year. On the highest hill in the area will be a 5m barking dog mock-up to welcome a new year.

Many flowers and grasses from around the country will be planted here to usher in the spirit of the country.

This year the event will have a large space with 250 booths selling flowers and ornamental trees. Another 80 booths will sell local specialities.

Phu My Hung said on this occasion it would organise ornamental flower competitions.

For the first time, a competition for planting potted trees and flowers for Phu My Hung residents will be held. The company is now co-operating with HCMC Orchid and Ornamental Trees Associations experts to show the residents how to grow ornamental trees.

A photo contest will be held in collaboration with the Sai Gon Post and Telecommunications with prizes for the best family photo, best photo of women and best photo of kids. Information about the contest can be found in the Đường Xuân Phú Mỹ Hưng Spring Flower Fair fanpage.


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