Phu My Hung to sell tallest tower at The Peak in June

Monday, Jun 10, 2019 09:00

Phu My Hung Development Corporation has announced that the tallest tower in its The Peak project, building D, will be sold at the end of this month.

It follows the successful sale of building B at the end of May.

D is also the tallest building in the Phu My Hung Midtown complex, the company said.

It is a rare opportunity for prospective buyers who want to buy a house in the Midtown Complex but missed the chance to do so at previous sales events, the developer said, pointing out there are only two more towers including D left to be sold.

With 30 floors, D will have 207 condos besides shop houses, top house in sizes ranging from 80sq.m to 131sq.m.

Most of the condos in D will have views of the whole of the Phu My Hung City Centre including Sakura Park, Union Square, Central Fountain, The Crescent, rivers and international schools.

Building D is the tallest building of The Peak and has the panoramic view of Phu My Hung City Center

On top of the building will be a garden meant for residents to relax in their free time.

The Welcome Bridge will be a signature feature of the project connecting building A, which will have many amenities like a swimming pool, children’s playing area and a BBQ area.

High-end project with luxury standards

The developer said The Peak is positioned as a high-end rather than luxury condo project, yet matches all the features of luxury condos launched in the market so far like location, management, amenities, finish, design and community.

It also boasts some unique features.

In terms of location, The Peak probably outdoes all its competitors in the high-end segment.

It is situated in the Phu My Hung Midtown meaning its location is the gateway connecting the Phu My Hung City Centre’s Southside District and International Commercial & Financial District.

According to the developer, The Peak is one of the last project in Phu My Hung City Centre that is near the river. Not many projects in this city centre are developed near the river apart from the Chateau Villa area and the Riverside Residence and Riverpark Premier condos.

In future it is going to be very difficult to find a project that meets all the optimal criteria in Vietnamese perception: proximity to an urban area, river and main roads. And The Peak fully meets all of them.

If location is a critical condition, so is the prestige of the developer in convincing people to buy in a project.

Since it is a part of Phu My Hung Midtown, The Peak is being developed together with other giant housing developers, Japan’s Daiwa House Group, Nomura Real Estate Group and Sumitomo Forestry Group.

While Phu My Hung has over 25 years of experience in Viet Nam, the three Japanese partners have more than a 50 per cent real-estate market share in their country.

Besides, planners, the architect and technicians are all from developed countries like Singapore, Japan..

Since it is being built by excellent developers and a professional team, The Peak will be an outstanding project with many unique features.

This is the only project in Phu My Hung City Centre inspired by famous urban hubs around the world like Tokyo Midtown and Midtown Manhattan.

For the first time, a condo project will have a garden on the roof and is coming next to Sakura Park, the first of its kind in the city.

The unique Sakura Park in the city

The developer said The Peak – M8A would have urban squares on the ground floor, which would be ideal places for residents to take part in public activities.

There will also be many amenities will like a BBQ area, a gym, a swimming pool, a yoga and spa centre, and a children’s play area. All of them will be built with environment-friendly materials.

Besides, the developers will import famous global brands like Duravit, Porcelanosa and Gessi, an Italian luxury bath and kitchen brand for use in the condos of M8A block.

A Gessi representative said The Peak is the first condo project in Viet Nam to use their products, which are otherwise bought only by luxury hotels and resorts.

The community is the factor that helps make The Peak a luxury project.

To build a civilised community, Phu My Hung Development Corporation carefully chooses its buyers, and this is the modus operandi it will apply at The Peak too. Customers allotted units at The Peak will be working in key domains like finance, law, education, and information technology.

Phu My Hung believes a civilised community will add to the value of the property in future.

Comprehensive development

Over 26 years in Viet Nam, Phu My Hung has kept improving its infrastructure to provide residents the best transportation and living facilities.

In Phu My Hung City Centre in general and in Phu My Hung Midtown in particular, residents can enjoy a life with all required services ranging from finance to entertainment and education to healthcare.

Thanks to the comprehensive services and infrastructure, the value of properties developed by Phu My Hung always remains high and is not affected much by the ups and downs of the city property market.

Besides, many services will continue to be offered to customers after their purchase because for Phu My Hung selling a house means selling a living space and after-sales service.

Phu My Hung always bring real values to buyers

With its experience of developing housing for more than 26 years in Viet Nam, Phu My Hung is one of the few developers in the city to offer great management after the purchase.

Everything is made clear and transparent from the time a customer plans to buy a house. All required information is provided to prospective buyers, including about their rights and responsibilities and those of the seller.

To ensure everything is done properly, Phu My Hung does not appoint agents to sell its products. All support with procedures is provided to customers by its own staff.

Last year the company helped 1,500 buyers complete administrative procedures. This assistance is offered to both local and foreign buyers.

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