Phu My Hung, the ideal living environment

Friday, Aug 28, 2015 09:40

PMH is one of the most contemporary urban areas in Vietnam. Each individual project in the area has its own design.

By creating an ideal living environment, the Phu My Hung Urban Area in District 7 has, since its establishment more than 20 years ago, become home sweet home for many foreigners living in Vietnam.

Truong Quoc Hung, vice president of Phu My Hung Development Corporation, said the area was designed by a famous architect who sought to create a living area with greenery and all kinds of amenities like banking, health care, education, and entertainment.

Phu My Hung is as good as any urban area in Asia or the world, he said proudly.

It is estimated that 50 per cent of the 30,000 residents in the area are foreigners.

When asked why they choose to live in Phu My Hung, most people say they love the services and facilities available in that area.

For foreigners, the surrounding environment is a very important factor when buying a house or apartment. The accommodation they choose is likely to be the one with peaceful surroundings and the best infrastructure, landscape, security, facilities and management even if it is not close to the heart of the city.

Phu My Hung creates a difference

Saigon South International School for foreign nationals.

In Phu My Hung, residents have access to all every conceivable facility like shopping, banking, entertainment, culture, education.

The establishments providing services are mostly located in a circular grid, meaning wherever someone lives, it takes them only 10 minutes by foot to reach them. Thanks to this, residents can limit the use of vehicles and thus their negative impacts on the environment.

In the Phu My Hung Urban Area, there are many international schools. There is Saigon South International School for foreign nationals.

With respect to health care, the Phu My Hung Urban Area has many international standard facilities like the FV hospital.

The main attraction that Phu My Hung Urban Area has for customers is its green environment: It has 8.9sq.m of greenery per person.

Land along rivers has been used to build parks and common areas so that residents can relax and enjoy the lovely sceneries.

Phu My Hung has a modern design yet keeps its natural surroundings including trees and water bodies.

Its streets are like a grid with no cul-de-sacs or traffic jams.

Parks, greeneries and water bodies are spread over the whole area, meaning people have access to them wherever they live.

Many people call PMH an eco urban area. — VNS Photos

A dedicated bus system is in operation since 2004 to serve the needs of local residents. The vehicles run from 7am to 10pm daily between the area and District 1 with stops en route.

Furthermore, around 200 employees work in the Customer Service department at Phu My Hung Development Corporation, and take care of residents' issues. An employee is entrusted with a particular area and is responsible for fixing all its problems.

Phu My Hung Development Corporation will provide consultancy in legal issue to both Vietnamese and foreigners.

"In the last one month about 100 foreigners bought houses in the Phu My Hung Urban Area," Mr. Hung said.

He expects the demand to increase further thanks to the recent amendments to the Housing Law permitting overseas Vietnamese and foreigners to buy houses and apartments in the country. That's explained why lots of foreigners have visited the newest project of Phu My Hung – Happy Residence model condos since its launch early August.

One of the main attraction that makes Phu My Hung become a favourable residential destination of both Vietnamese and foreigner is the prestige and integrity of Phu My Hung Developer over 20 years.

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