Phu My Hung starts selling The Peak

Tuesday, Nov 20, 2018 09:00

Phu My Hung Development Corporation last week started selling units in The Peak, the last housing project in its Phu My Hung Midtown complex.

Attending the sales event were 600 customers whose applications had been approved by the developer.

Phu My Hung said though over 2,000 customers wanted to buy condos at the project, it had approved only 600 and invited them to the sales. This was completely different from previous sales events when thousands of customers came, it said.

“After considering many factors, we had decided to approve 600 applications,” a representative said.

“Customers who had not had a chance to buy housing at previous sales events [one third of 600] were prioritised. We will continue to select and invite customers who were not chosen this time to the next sales event.”

At the event the 600 approved customers took part in a lucky draw to win the chance of buying a condo in the M8B building at The Peak.

Customers who took part in the event said since The Peak is the last project in Phu My Hung Midtown they wanted to buy.

Besides, The Peak is an outstanding project with beautiful landscapes and all amenities, they said.

Phu My Hung always targets customers who have real need for a house.

The corporation said 90 per cent of the customers buying units in The Peak would live there and it had prioritised foreigners working in the Phu My Hung City Centre in District 7 and nearby areas. This way would be able to limit the speculation, it said.

Within an hour of the start of sales, 96 per cent of the condos were sold, the corporation said.

Selecting customers

Selecting customers and having a limit of 600 were important targets Phu My Hung pursued.

In fact, Phu My Hung Corporation has carried out “customer selection” at many projects it has developed.

At The Peak, however, the selection was carefully done to ensure a civilised community befitting the project since Phu My Hung Development Corporation realizes that “future residents in a development are the one creating its real value.”

“We build the foundation and infrastructure of the project. When the project is handed over, residents help increase the value of the project. This is the solid value.”

Real estate experts said this is the way to create value for a housing project.

“This will cost the developer more money and time. But the living quality will be stable and better. The way they do also shows their vision and how they prioritise their customers.”

Selecting customers enables Phu My Hung to create a community in which members are matched in terms of affluence and education.

Furthermore, selecting customers will enable the developer to identify those who buy condos to live in them. This way, many condos will be occupied when the project is handed over, enabling development of the services.

Why The Peak?

When asked why they choose The Peak, customers point to the project’s quality, scenery, amenities, and condos’ good design.

In terms of scenery, The Peak has some unique designs that have never been done in other projects.

The architects said each building and space has its own “stories”.

The M8B building is inspired by a waterfall in a river, and so that the architects will set up an artificial waterfall with a height of 10m which will fall from the fourth floor.

A square connecting The Peak to other parts of Phu My Hung Midtown will be developed.

The signature feature of The Peak and Phu My Hung Midtown will be Sakura Park designed by Landsculptor Company. As Sakura Park is likened to the soul of the project, it has been developed carefully at every stage from choosing materials and colours to flowers and trees.

The first phase of Sakura Park will be ready in 2019.

In addition to the scenery, amenities are another factor attracting customers.

There are many places for children and their parents to enjoy their leisure time such as swimming pool and playing yard.

The playing yard will be developed with features like hillocks on which children can climb up and play with friends.

The pool meanwhile is connected with the fall, creating a beautiful sight for residents to enjoy.

All bedrooms will have windows and views and all bathrooms, kitchens and gardens will get natural light and breeze.

Phu My Hung Midtown at a glance

Phu My Hung Development Corporation said before The Peak it had sold three projects in the Phu My Hung Midtown complex and over 90 per cent of their future residents work in sectors like information technology, finance, securities, oil and gas, real estate, healthcare, and education and 20 per cent among them have their own business.

The Grande came into the market in February 2017 and received positive feedback from customers. There were more than 1,500 applications to buy, three times the number of units. All products at the projects were snapped up.

The Symphony was sold starting in May 2017 with 369 units but 3,000 customers registering to buy. Around 1,200 customers were invited to the selling event out of 1,800 approved registrations.

The Signature received 3,300 registrations, six times the number of condos on sale. Over 2,200 people attended its sales and 516 of them won the right to buy.

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