Phu My Hung launches new apartment project in Southside District

Wednesday, Jul 25, 2018 07:00

After sold out 100 per cent of Urban Hill last month, giant property company Phu My Hung Development Corporation late last week unveiled show houses of its new project, Happy Residence Premier, where it plans to start selling units next month.

Located on Nguyen Luong Bang Avenue, Happy Residence Premier is the ninth condo project Phu My Hung is building in its Southside District, site of Chateau Villas, considered a symbol of Phu My Hung City Centre’s living environment and community.

The new project will be developed on an area of 5,000sq.m with a construction density of 43 per cent. The other 57 per cent is meant for infrastructure, amenities, parks, and transportation.

Happy Residence Premier has two buildings each 15 floors tall. Some 192 condos ranging from 62sq.m to 187sq.m will be built, 60 per cent of them with two bedrooms and the rest with three.

Besides, 17 two-storey shops ranging from 92sq.m to 159sq.m will be built.

Phu My Hung said Happy Residence Premier is a luxury version of the Happy Residence Project the company successfully developed a few years ago.

At the launch of the show houses, Phu My Hung revealed it had devoted much time to work with the architects to ensure good planning at all stages from designing to choosing the building materials.

For instance, equipment and materials used to build Happy Residence Premier are imported from EU countries like Spain.

Valued location and amenities

Happy Residence Premier is highly rated by property experts since it is situated in the Southside District which has the highest green coverage in the Phu My Hung City Centre.

For that reason, the Southside District is considered a resort inside the Phu My Hung City Centre.

About 700 metres to the north-east of Happy Residence Premier will be a 4.5ha-park. In the opposite direction will be another park of nearly 10,000sq.m. So it will take only three to five minutes for Happy Residence Premier’s residents to walk to a park or green area to do their morning exercise or relax after a hard day’s work.

The high density of greenery is not the only reason making Happy Residence Premier’s location attractive. It is being developed in an area with many international schools from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan.

A few dozen metres from the project is the Canadian International School and Tiny Flower Montessori School.

Being near schools is very good for residents’ children who do not need their parents to accompany them to school; they can walk to the school by themselves, which will boost their confidence and independence.

The developer said Happy Residence Premier would be the last project in the Southside District to have views of the river and Chateau Villas as well as My Phu Villas.

For the first time in the Phu My Hung City Centre, a translucent swimming pool will be built.

It will be built on the third floor, which will connect the two buildings.

The architects said they carefully examined the location at different times of the day to check the sunlight and wind directions to find the best solutions for the translucent pool.

Other indoor and outdoor amenities will also be set up on the third floor.

They include a gym, multi-function room, BBQ area and children’s playing area. The mixture of indoor and outdoor areas will offer residents a chance to use these amenities in every weather condition.

Infrastructure gets priority

Phu My Hung Development Corporation said it has focused investment on developing infrastructure in the Phu My Hung City Centre.

Since the beginning of this year the company has been upgrading the internal roads. It is now building two parks with a total area of 15ha.

At the beginning of March it began to build the Ca Cam 1 Bridge, which is expected to cost US$4 million.

The bridge is over 100m in length and 20m in width, and has four lanes for vehicles besides a pedestrian lane. It is likely to be finished by the end of this year, when the area will have a total of six bridges.

The company said Ca Cam 1 would be the last bridge to be built in the city centre, which means the internal infrastructure in Phu My Hung City Centre is complete.

Earlier it had spent US$3 million to build the Thay Tieu 3 Bridge.

Besides, the company is also building many shopping centres and schools.

One of these will be Crescent Hub, the second phase of Crescent Mall. When completed, it will bring into the market an additional 50,000sq.m of retail and office space.

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